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Bright students gaining negative perception

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THE crisis at Jahangirnagar University seems far from over as the teachers and students agitating for the Vice-Chancellor's resignation defied a university ban and staged protests on the campus on Thursday. They also vowed to go on with the demonstrations until the VC steps down. At the heart of the matter is the corruption and mismanagement of a Tk 1445 crore development project in which the VC is allegedly involved. It should not be too difficult for the Ministry of Education to look into the situation to see whether any irregularities have indeed been committed. If there is it would be a simple matter to ask the VC to resign. If not, they can go for other action.
But of course there is a more central issue--the involvement of Chhatra League in corruption, due to which the two top leaders of BCL were removed. So essentially it's about the economics of revenue generation of government-supported student wing leaders. Previously every single student body of any political party in power used to go for tender grabbing and extortion to generate revenue for itself and its members. This practice must stop. This callousness has led to the death of brilliant students like Abrar Fahad of BUET, and is the reason given whenever BCL men swoop down on any protest in any university.
They must understand that normal students have a reason to protest as well--they don't all necessarily belong to any political party. As for revenue generation, other, more transparent and official steps must be taken by the parent bodies of party's student wings to stop illegal practices. Taking percentages of tenders and extorting the businessmen are neither healthy nor legal. Because of these activities rather the main party, if in power, will gain a negative perception among the brightest students of the country.

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