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Increase milk production to ensure sufficient protein

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COUNTRY has become self-sufficient in meat and egg productions, but it lags behind in milk production compared with demand. According to the Department of Livestock Services, meat and egg production surged 496 percent and 198 percent respectively in a decade between fiscals 2009-10 and 2018-19. It is learnt that meat production, led by chicken, is now higher than the actual demand. Egg production has risen to the same level as demand. Though the production of milk has increased 319 percent to nearly 100 lakh tonnes in almost 10 years, it is still lower than the present demand of over 152 lakh tonnes. Of course the development is a big success. Livestock -related persons said steady economic growth, increased purchasing capacity of people and some other related issues have helped the country become self-sufficient in livestock.
It's surprising that  despite production boost, most of the time meat and egg remain out of reach of the common people. A dozen of eggs (farm) are now sold at Tk 120. That means one egg was sold at Tk 10. If the price of egg remains within reach of common people -- per piece Tk 6-7 -- it would be more helpful for them. Besides, the prices of beef and mutton are also comparatively higher. Chicken though easier to get in the market, its price also fluctuates often.
Meanwhile, breeding and nourishing system of livestock is often proved as not healthy for human consumption. Feeding substandard items including excessive antibiotic have already posed serious health risk. The authorities concerned must be cautious in this regard.
It is high time to pay attention in increasing milk production. At present, the country is lag behind in producing milk. On the other hand sub-standard and contaminated milks are being produced and marketed by a section of unscrupulous businessmen.
The authorities concerned should take stringent measures against the dishonest traders. If the local produced pure milk could be able to meet the demand, the dishonest practice will be stopped.

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