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Saudi Arabia must not trust Trump as friend of Muslims: Seek help from other Muslim countries

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Editorial Desk :
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday ruled out talks with Washington after President Donald Trump blamed Tehran for a crippling attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities. Saudi King Salman called on governments around the world to confront the threats to oil supplies and global economic stability posed by the weekend attack. European allies said the crisis should be addressed collectively.
Trump would like to exploit the war going between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Trump is doing everything to carry his administration to hold Iran for the drone attacks though Houthi group of Yemen adamantly claims of its responsibility. Iran denied it from the very beginning. Not even Saudi Arabia says the attack came directly from Iran. Yes there is proof that Iranian weapons were used.
International community finds no
tangible evidence that Iran was directly involved in the attack on Saudi Arabia. So far as we know, Saudi Arabia also used American weapons in its assaults on Yemen.
In a statement on Monday, the Saudi government urged an international investigation, led by the United Nations, to determine the responsibility. That move, unusual for a country that disdains the United Nations almost as much as the Trump administration does, seems an acknowledgment that the world would not take Mr. Trump's word, nor that of the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.
Trump expressed earlier his willingness to arrange a high level meeting with Iran. Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, said the proposed talks could only take place if the United States returned to a nuclear accord between Iran and the West. US-Iran relations deteriorated after Trump quitted the accord and reimposed sanctions over Tehran's nuclear and ballistic programmes. He also wants Iran to stop supporting regional proxies, including Yemen's Houthi group, which has claimed responsibility for the drone attack.
One can ask the question that after trillions of dollars in purchasing most expensive weapons from America why Saudi military failed to stop the drones. Saudis used American arms in attacking Yemen killing hundreds of people.
It is our belief and we want the Muslim countries of the Middle East not to trust Trump as a friend of Muslims. He wants to provoke wars among the Muslim countries in the Middle East.
The current power dynamics in the Middle East resembles the Shia-Sunni schism in the Muslim world. The US supports the Sunni faction-states like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt, while Russia is behind Iran, a Shia dominated nation. The premise is simple--the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Since Russia has never historically enjoyed the close relationship which the US enjoys with the Sunni world, it finds no difficulty cozying up to Iran and Turkey, who are now firmly in the Russian axis.
The US knows full well that a proxy war on behalf of the Saudis, against Iran, will be terribly risky. But Trump is unstable and his Muslim antagonism is not unknown. Hope lies in the fact that the American administration is not playable for executing the mad whims of President Trump. America will certainly not get support from international community. So the USA is bound to be alone, only support it is sure to get from US poodle Israel.
 If America starts a war in the Middle East it will not be easy going. Russia is committed in favour of Iran. Russia will continue to support any nation which is a thorn in the US side.
The summit held in Syria attended by Putin, Rouhani, and Erdogan leaves no one in any doubt what the groupings in the current Muslim world are.
Despite Saudi Arabia and Israel's urges to the US to attack Iran the US administration is sensibly hesitant. Trump's hatred against Muslims should not be unknown to Saudi Arabia.
Ineffective and redundant military hardware costing Saudi Arabia of huge amount of money have proved useless in defending Saudi Arabian oil fields.
Saudi Arabia has a lot of questions to ask to the US government. If against Yemen the Saudi war preparation was not enough and the US government has to involve directly then it has to be admitted that money spent on the USA for arming itself for its defence has been wasted.
Our view is Muslim countries should solve their problems by themselves.

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