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For Proper Education

It Needs Favourable Environment

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Md. Arifur Rahman :
 Education is the most powerful stone that can transfigure a country's humor magically. This may be in any stages of education primary to superset level. There is no duality with this, everybody should nurture this. But here I'm introducing a new thing, that's the most elastic flow recently. But the current education environment has totally hampered that's gives a great threat for us. Immediately we should solve this issue.
 While talking about education the first thing comes that is the education scheme of that country. Is every person receiving their primary education? You may notice that a salient number of children's aren't going to study, even in some regions that is absent. They are wasting their valuable times by begging, moving for leading their lives, working in factories, garments & diversely. According to Article 17 of our constitution, all the children of our country are given for receiving full free education up to secondary level. But what's going on in reality -basically for children from poorer households in rural areas?  A recent survey done by BRAC reveals that poor parents have to pay the bride every step of their child's schooling. (The Daily Star May 9, 2014).
 Now the questions are where's the problem? It's the irresponsibility or liabilities of the children's, their parents or government or others? The child abuse is a costly problem for this education and it has to be stopped anyhow. Statistics said that the literacy rate is 72.76% in Bangladesh. Is this enough for a developing country? For growing up the country this lower rate has to be compensated broadly. We have to dig up the secret behind this. Another fascinating point has to sum up that, the rate of education is not everything. The quality of the education has to be progressed as well as the quantity. Quantity is trivial without quality. Otherwise developing will be hampered vastly at every sector.
   The education system lacks a sound human resource development and expanse system and this has demoralized the primary education sector personnel, including teachers and contributes to poor performance. Poverty also contributes to primary education. The impoverished people are unable to carry the expensive here. Unprivileged children's often suffer from poor health & nutrition. Since in our country the population is growing exponentially, we have to give concern on it & think alternative how to come forth from this darn. Then the number of seats available in colleges is less than the number of students who want to enroll and the number of seats available in universities is also less than the required. Besides institutions cost is another factor that demotivated the persons for educations.
 Else gender discrimination occurs amongst the rural households but is non-existent amongst rich households. There is a great difference in the success rates of boys, as compared to girls in Bangladesh. The school dropout rates & grade repetition rates are also high. Poor school attendance and low contact time are schools are factors contributing to a low level of learning achievement.
 Now recall the second term that is the environment for education. Recently the most alarming issue have to across that is the question paper leaks of any public examinations, even in multiple universities and medical entrance exam, job interview questions & most of the sector. So it can be uttered undoubtedly that the environment of education and education system has hampered. Students don't study ample before the exam, because they know that the question will be leaked. Therefore their concentrate & interest in the study has almost vanished. Another important point has to be noted here that, today's parents don't concentrate on their children's quality education, rather quantitative education. They force on their children's for standing decent result in examination instead of how well they learned it. The history behind GPA-5 is known to all.
 At the primary level, one big challenge has to face the right teacher-student ratio. Specialists say that this ratio should be 1:35, but our average is 1: 60. That oppose to proper guidance and attention to the students for the teachers. Deficiency of highly qualified teachers, fewer school facilities, dirty environment of the school, lesser classrooms, infrastructures, want of libraries and playgrounds, irresponsibility's of the teachers, governance of institutions are the vital reasons for poor rank education. There are no innovations ideas among teachers and students. Teachers have fulfilled his duty only by delivering lectures at the classrooms. They force the students to memorize the text only. So that students bypassing regular classroom-based assessments. Students give more concentrate on guidebook rather than a textbook, for doing heighten in the exam, therefore the thinking power doesn't grow up among them. In most of the institutions, teachers don't maintain the class properly, for earning money through private center conducting by them. Even sometimes heard that teacher's threat the students that they will fail in the exam if don't go for private to the teachers.
 Many teachers feel puzzling and faltering in applying innovative educational approaches as they fear for fall down result in the examination that will affect the reputation of their institution. They naturally give priority for doing well at the exam. So this pedagogy is another prime cause for not to build up any innovative ideas among students.
 Now turning to the most horrible point that is exhaust. The degradation of the environment of education has exhausted everything including the developing. The last statistics said that the literacy rates of Bangladesh are one of the lowest in Asia. What's the reason behind this? Up to Dec 2018, the unemployment rate is 4.31%, that's a great threat for developing any country and a large portion of them are educated. The success of a country can never be imagined keeping this huge portion of unemployment. It can easily be said that this rate has to remove anyhow. If we wish a better Bangladesh, we need to restore this problem immediately, otherwise, it would be a big curse for us.
Recently the government has turned into expanding the primary education, but the educations systems are unchanged here, the quality and curriculum don't effectively serve the goals of human development and poverty eradication. And another most awkward problem is that our course curriculum or syllabus isn't aligned with the job market. After completing the degree students have to prepare for jobs. Many time losses here. Therefore many students remain unemployment. And these unemployment rates are increasing alarmingly. So thinking the jobless situations many students and they go abroad for livelihood as a laborer.
 So with introducing the problems we have to come across the solutions. The budgetary allocation for education isn't adequate compared with those other South Asian and developing countries.
It's our bounden duty to confirm the primary educations for every person. Teachers have to well-trained how to deliver lectures and find out the innovation amongst students, how to build-up well interactions between students and teacher. The relation between teacher & students should be made like friendly, so that students can express their opinion, can ask any questions, and can discuss any problems they faced. The lectures have to deliver with entertainment such that students felt interest on study. The job appointment corruptions have to eliminate anyhow. At all levels, teachers should be appointed based on merit & experience avoiding political also other considerations. Through investing more money for educations we can ensure the primary educations of all the peoples. We have to ensure "No Child Left Behind" for developing an education system for children with learning disabilities.
The exam system in public admission entrance has to change. Quality based thinking questions have to open instead of only memorizing knowledge-based test.
 Every mother of our country has to make well educated firstly. We can recall the famous quote of Napoleon Bonaparte that "Give me good mothers; I shall give you a great nation!" Nowadays our economy is driven by three major sectors- export, remittances, and agriculture. If we can feed these branches with educated & skilled manpower it will reshape our economy and alleviate poverty.
 (Md. Arifur Rahman, Student of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE),   University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh)

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