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Education thru' English medium at SPSC

Admiring success rate in Bangladesh

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Campus Desk :
Popularity of English medium education is increasing by leaps and bounds, and it is now even flourishing outside the capital city, Dhaka. This medium of education picked up momentum in 1980s, since then it has seen a phenomenal growth.  Because of the exorbitant fees at initial stages, it attracted only the upper echelon of the society. However, as the fees are becoming more affordable and also because of its global recognition, this medium of education began to attract the middle class parents, who now constitute the majority of the parents across English medium education fraternity  in Bangladesh. This happened because this medium not only strictly follows the British school curriculum, but because it helps the students become more creative, inquisitive and independent thinkers.
In addition, because of its recognition in the global context, the parents and the guardians are eager to enroll their wards in an English medium setting. This view is echoed by the parents at South Point School and College (SPSC), Banani, a renowned English medium school in Dhaka, as we spoke to them about their interest in providing British curriculum based schooling to their children. They also viewed that at SPSC, Banani, their children are not only learning individual subjects, but their social skills are also developing. In keeping with the expectations of the parents, students from South Point School and College, Banani, have been achieving outstanding results in O-Level and A-Level Examinations conducted by Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK. High achievers from this School have been accorded with many awards by the local and international organizations such as Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award and The Daily Star Award. In 2012, a SPSC, Banani student Paromita Tareq obtained country highest mark in O-Level Bangla Language Exam, and in 2017 Sara Mehjabin also got the country highest mark in Bangla Language. In last O-Level and A-level Examinations held in June 2019, 57% of A-Level candidates and 79% of O-Level candidates from SPSC, Banani, achieved exceptional results and got selected for The Daily Star Awards. SPSC, Banani has relentlessly and very effectively been providing a holistic education based on Cambridge school curriculum to the students, who are making their families and our beloved country proud.
In an effort to provide quality education to the children both in National and Cambridge, UK curriculums, South Point School and College was established in 2002. SPSC objective is to groom children to become creative, independent thinkers and problem-solvers. With this objective in mind, Prof Hamida Ali began her journey of South Point School and College with only 200 pupils in 2002, and now it has 12000 enrolled students. Prof Hamida Ali is a reputed educationalist of our country, who served Vikarunnesa School and College, Dhaka almost for five decades and transformed it into one of the best institutions in the country. Her experience and acumen along with the visionary leadership provided by the chief patron and the founder-chairman of SPSC, reputed industrialist Engineer M. A. Rashid have turned SPSC into a premier institution in the country.
Meanwhile, SPSC, Banani has also been very proactive in instilling a sense of patriotism among the pupils by regularly observing all important National days, such as Victory Day, Independence Day, National Mourning Day and other. In addition, we host regular cultural and sporting events such as Debate Competition, Science Fair, Essay Writing Competition, Boys' Football tournament, Girls' Handball tournament among others at our School to ensure that the children grow up as confident and healthy individuals. SPSC, Banani students also regularly participate in German Language Program organized by PASCH (School: Partners for the Future), a German organization which selects and sponsors young participants to visit Germany and learn German Language. Also, some students SPSC recently visited NASA, USA. The Principal of SPSC, Banani, Matiur Rahman is a competent leader with an extensive experience in English Medium education system. He was trained in Education Management and Teaching Methodology at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia and he has been leading this School to become a pioneering English education provider in the country.
Like Banani campus, South Point School and College, Baridhara campus is headed by the Principal Wing Commander A. M. Amjad Hossain (R), and SPSC, Malibagh is headed by Col Shamsul Alam PSC (R). Similarly, L. Col Sheikh Amjad Hossain is the Principal of SPSC, Mirpur, while Cap. Ghulam Sabur BN is the Principal of SPSC Uttara campus. In all these campuses, almost 900 very competent teaching staff are tirelessly working, and 300 management and support staff are making sure that this premier institution is run smoothly.
 South Point School and College, Bangla medium, under National Curriculum has set a record of 100% pass, while 90% of students regularly achieve GPA 5. In 2018, a total 85 students in entire Gulshan region obtained scholarships, out of whom 75 students belonged to SPSC. It is to be mentioned here that SPSC was recognized as the best institution in 2009 by Dhaka Board and in same year SPSC stood 9th position in the overall ranking of the best colleges in Dhaka. A congenial atmosphere and student-friendly education is helping South Point School and College to accomplish the extraordinary successes and milestones.

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