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The unruly transport sector

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HOW impunity promotes crime in the country's transport sector is easily understood seeing some regular incidents where mostly ordinary people, including school going kids, are the main victims. In the latest incident where a singer was run over by a bus and subsequently killing of his son's friend by the bus of the same company are not mere road accidents rather cold blooded murders. Without bringing discipline in the transport sector, the progress is insignificant.
News media reported that Victor Classic Paribahan bus ran over and killed singer and music composer Parvez Rob, when he was trying to board another bus in the capital's Turag area. Then on Saturday night, when his son, Yamin Alvi, and some of his friends spotted another bus of the same company in Uttara, they tried to stop it. But the vehicle hit them, badly injuring Alvi and killing one of his friends instantly.
A number of witnesses said they saw the bus trying to speed away as some people were chasing it while some others were attempting to board it through the door and windows. At one stage, the Victor Classic bus hit another parked bus, crushing the two. Earlier on Saturday evening, family members held a meeting with the representatives of Victor Classic to strike a deal on the compensation for the death of Parvez.
We must say the government shouldn't delay to understand the danger of awarding impunity to transport workers. Actually, nobody is entitled to get impunity according to the country's existing law. The uncontrolled power of transport workers should be ceased for establishing law and order and overall improvement of the governance. To do that political use of transport workers should be stopped now. After the last year protest by students in the capital against unruly transport workers following a road accident, the government made promises to bring discipline in transport sector. A year has elapsed but no promised is realised.

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