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Vanish VIP Term

People Don't Want To Bear The Burden

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Sahidul Islam Nirab :
An uncivilised term, VIP, should be vanished immediately as it has become a curse for the general people and so we are unwilling to see its existence any more in the democratic country and it is high time to vanish the uncivilised term. Moreover if it lingers, we may lose more innocent lives in future.
In the meanwhile, a High Court Bench has declared that nobody is VVIP except the President and the Prime Minister and it has also declared that government officials are the servants of the people. The servants can't be considered as the very important persons (VIPs). This court said this while hearing a writ petition filed in connection with the Titash Ghosh's death.
Very recently the tragic death of 13-year-old schoolboy Titash Ghosh struck our hearts and made us very shocked. Now it has been a big issue for this time and people have raised their voice against the uncivilised culture.
The family of Titash along with him was travelling to Dhaka on an ambulance after being badly injured in a motorbike accident but the ambulance halted at a ferry ghat for three hours for a VIP. Though Titash's family repeatedly requested the on duty officials to save the life, they didn't pay heed to it. Finally Titash died on the ferry as he was not taken to hospital immediately. What a brutal banter with the life! Why didn't the officials understand the value of life? Is time of an official more valuable than a life? Our government should ensure its judgement very fast.
After the incident, a probe committee was formed, but we are very doubtful if the committee would be able to perform its work and if the VIP would be accountable for his injustice act. The High Court also ordered to give indemnity to the victim's family but it is uncertain.
On the other hand, if the VIP term is kept, it should be for the President, for the Prime Minister and also for the critical patient. I think Titash was there a VIP for his critical condition. But he was deprived of the facility for the so-called VIP.
At last the general people should understand the declaration of The High Court that no one is VVIP except the President and the Prime Minister of the country and also they shouldn't show over respect to the government officials as they are the servants of the country. Moreover we should consider the critical patients as the VVIPs.
(Sahidul Islam Nirab, Poet and Columnist, Senior Teacher, Children's Home Public School, Sarisabari, Jamalpur)

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