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Rabindranath Tagore 78th Death Anniversary

Tagore and the present time

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Mariama Muarif :
Rabindranath Tagore, the World Poet's immense contribution in the Indian, specifically in Bangla literature has enriched the socio-cultural essence of the subcontinent. He is a classic writer whose poems, songs, short stories and novels have inspired generation after generation providing new perspectives of life. Tagore has written on various aspects. His works thematize nature, love, social drawbacks and every other significant contents that the literary realm ever needed. The Poet himself shared a cosmopolitan mindset. He travelled to different corners of the world and saw how culture and literature significantly influence each other. His observations of socio-cultural transformation have assisted him to produce versatile literary pieces through which he inspired the people to celebrate their unique hybridity as a nation. He was against xenophobia and political violence and always desired to have a nation that would flaunt the goodwill of multiculturalism. At present, the Indian subcontinent is indeed known as the melting pot of race, religion and culture, but it is yet to achieve that harmony that our famous Poet has always dreamt of.
     Mentioning Tagore just only as a writer would be too meek as the poet has achieved and contributed much more than he is actually credited for. He was an educationist whose Visva Bharati University has produced notable literary and cultural figures like Satyajit Ray, Syed Mujtaba Ali, Amartya Sen, Mahasweta Devi and so on. Tagore was connected to Indian independence movements. He strongly protested the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 and renounced the Knighthood credited to him for his astounding contributions to literature. The World Poet showed everyone how an individual should hold on to his/her roots however possible. His involvement in Indian independence movements provided a new shade in Indian political history.
Tagore was an artist who contributed with modernist paintings, sketches and doodles. While his songs, poems, and dramas appease the literary thirst of his enthusiasts, his sketches, paintings and doodle prove his versatile brilliance to the audience.
     It has already been mentioned that Tagore's writings has been inspiring people of the Indian subcontinent and also people all over the world since ages. It is his lyric and tune that the Indians and the Bangladeshis chant as their national anthems.
Many scholars and thousands of students are constantly researching on his write-ups to find out new meanings and themes, to comprehend the legacy of our subcontinental literature more efficiently than ever. Thus, Tagore has huge influence among people in this part of the world. From school-goers to the renowned scholars, Tagore's works are efficiently memorized and admired.  
     Since culture is not something static but flexible, all through the ages our subcontinental culture and literature have significantly been renovated by numerous socio-political transformations. Tagore's works have also been modernized to cater the need of every time frame. However, one thing that every Tagore enthusiast ensure and that is- the essence of Tagore's works should never be adulterated, which is why even now the aestheticism of this Great Poet's literary pieces' is undamaged and uniquely preserved. A Rabindra devotee may hear his song tuned to a  rock-based tune, may find his doodles and sketches printed on shirts and attires, remembering the Rabindrik aestheticism he should identify the difference appreciate the trendy fusion. In both Bangladesh and India this is how Tagore's works are being modernized, this is how his creations are still captivating the souls of people.
     Rabindranath Tagore is one of the key renovators of modern Indian literature, specifically Bengali literature. He is a writer whose life-story, involvements and creations are enough for a nation to be proud of its literary and cultural history. The poet's works have equal values with other prominent international authors or writers of his time and because of that he has received the most prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature.
Every year on 22th Srabon, the Rabindra devotees commemorate this Great Poet's contribution to prose, poetry and culture through various events highlighting his ideology on  life and humanity. They perform Tagore's works with a view to make people more aware of their inner artistic desires as well as to stir up their conscience regarding various socio-political issues.
It is the Rabindrik philosophy that teaches people to be humble, yet confident about their heritage and therefore, Tagore's influence on Bangali lifestyle remains unchanged over time.
(Columnist. Lecturer, Department of English, Northern University Bangladesh. Email: rimleerim@gmail.com)

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