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As a civilised people we should know that truth is unforgiving of lies and liars

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It is unbelievable that in free Bangladesh the people will not be free of fear of government. As if some of us are no more us, truthful and dignified, in our relationship with others.

We are not sure where lies the authority of the government, the people not being the source of power. There is an excuse of 'higher authority' everywhere unseen from us for doing many wrongs.

Harassment of the law abiding people comes easily. There is a brutal hushness all over the country. Law is not a sure protection of one's freedom, dignity or safety.

If one has any problem with the government, baseless but assumed, even responsible law enforcers cannot guarantee proper application of the law for there is a 'higher authority' to give clearance.

It is surely shocking to be harassed as a citizen of the country even for entering his own country. What else could there be if the intention is not to find pleasure in humiliating others. In certain cases of their choosing, his citizenship is no consideration. He must have a court's order from the Supreme Court to the effect that he is permitted to leave and enter the country.

On the basis the Supreme Court's order of such permission also the responsible immigration officials cannot decide the matter. 'The higher authority' must be notified for its clearance.

A citizen who wants to enter his own country cannot be denied to enter. Why should he be? If there is any criminal case against him the government will have the opportunity of trying him for his alleged offence.

Showing power for the sake of power is vulgar and cannot be sensible or normal. But laughing as it may appear to many, such conduct is shown frequently in respect of otherwise clean and dignified but not in the good book of the government and it is done to the knowledge of 'the higher authority.'

Where responsible officials are not trusted to do the right thing then no 'higher authority' can itself save the country. Treating well-meaning and selfless people as enemies is not the way to build a good and just society.

We were known for our knowledge and good manners before Bangladesh was born a free country and we are the same people in free Bangladesh. The question is what has changed for us to live in fear and unsure of fair justice.

We do not deserve to be treated as a nation uncivilised and incapable of behaving honourably to each other.

We are sensible enough not to find false reasons for our society to become inhumanely cruel. The truth is there is no respect for the rule of law for punishing the wrong doers. The sensible ones cannot but assert that the power of the wrong doers has been going unchallenged and well-protected politically.

No society can live in peace with itself and progress unless it builds good governance under an accountable government. Ignoring the people as owners of the country and treating them as of no consequence, is to live dangerously and end dangerously.

The dangerous hike in heartless violence and cruel killing including beheading of children is for everyone to see almost every day. Only those who are responsible for creating such lawless and unsafe situation cannot see. Lies do not solve any problem. The truth has an uncanny but sure way of exposing lies and punishing the liars.

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