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Food adulteration business must stop

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RESEARCHERS at Dhaka University on Tuesday said all the samples of milk products; edible oils and spices they tested were substandard. According to newspaper reports, they have found traces of detergent in pasteurised milk produced by five companies -- Pran, Milk Vita, Igloo, Aarong, and Farm Fresh. The DU researchers have disclosed about the findings in a press conference at a time when the drives against adulteration of food items are going on by the government agencies, including Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute.
DU's Biochemical Research Centre and Pharmacy Faculty jointly conducted the study randomly collecting samples of the available brands and unbranded products of ghee, fruit drinks, pepper powder, turmeric powder, palm oil, mustard oil, soybean oil, and pasteurised and unpasteurised milk. Director of DU's Biomedical Research Centre ABM Faruque said, 'We tested pasteurised and non-pasteurised raw milk produced by these companies and found detergent and antibiotics in them. The traces of antibiotics that we found were meant for human use. Antibiotics for humans and animals are totally different. We need to stop the use of antibiotics meant for humans on animals."
We are deeply shocked, saddened and disheartened seeing that most of the local giant companies are intentionally adulterating baby foods, specially the milk. We are also highly surprised how they could do such an inhuman and unethical job -- mixing detergent in the milk! All the companies have got bank loans and other supports from the government to establish their industries. Now they are paying off the debt for it! We're so unfortunate a nation where our children are also not safe from the hands of corrupt people.      
We want to say, country's present food contamination and food adulteration situation is a serious public health concern. Adulterated and contaminated food, particularly milk, causes many acute and life-long diseases, ranging from diarrhoeal diseases to various forms of cancer. Is there any government in the country? If so, how the big industrial houses could be involved in such heinous crime? It's high time to take stringent action against these culprits. In necessity, enact tough laws against the adulterated food business. There is no way but to stop the corrupt practice.

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