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The exile

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-P D Raj
I will also proceed to exile,
Will you accompany me?

Through an isolated path as a joyous traveler,
In your dusty clothing with me in harmony?

Chatting with the heat bathed sun on the ways,
In wintry nights making the fog our dearest,
Drying up ourselves in Chaitrya with hot summer rays,
Will you be with me in exile my sweetest?

A long way we will cross, spending so many days and nights,
Walking together side by side so many morns we will spend,
Forgetting the previous memory and loving bondages in twilight,
In acute isolation the moments would be spent.

Translation: Anis Fatema

Where hopes don’t die
- Ramisa Maliha Bhuiyan
Come to my pastel sky
Where hopes don’t die
Where birds don’t sleep
Paint a rainbow with colours so deep
With promises that you keep.

My free will
-Rezauddin Stalin

In my language I read and write too
And learn from nature’s books, yes I do
Ants & birds do read me too
As the grasshopper inspired King Solomon with its wit
And Buddha knew one’s rewards come from his deed
All creatures cherish their religion of free will as their need
I walk shutting my lips trapping the words within
All my life the ocean of words I swim in.

Translation: Gulshan Ara Kazi

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