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Politics of Begging

And Waiting For A Genuine Peace In South Sudan

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Gatdiet Peter :
Here, the question is: to what extent does a politician become a "political beggar"? A politician becomes a beggar and (re)focuses on the "Politics of begging" as soon as (s) he has lost a political executive-post and focuses to reinforce means, assumptions, and strategies for (re) appointment into the nearest political position. This is increasingly not only applicable in the many of the developing world's (including sub-Saharan and north African countries, Southeast Asia, and others) with an unprecedented rate of corruption and the beyond-normal-practices, but also in the developed countries (including many of the Western countries, China, and Russia). But to completely understand the politics of begging, several things (including the means, the assumptions, and the strategies) will explain us the struggle for (re)appointment.
First, strategies. Over time, politicians use congratulations, thanking notes, and appreciation writings to keep in focus and to grab the attention of their superior, king, and/or president to reconsider them in the next positional, situational, and conditional change and appoint them with ease to (any) available government opportune. This is exactly what the exiting, albeit not at will but with some sort of coercion, South Sudan's Oil Minister Ezekiel Lol has in hand and used very crucially in his mind for the next likeable move.
For instance, despite enormous political disparities among the parties to the conflict in South Sudan, the formation of Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) is near-ripen and expected to take place in the coming next 4 months, if the belligerents, will come to a common ground for a genuine peace in South Sudan (although it would still be a negative peace), and if they will also have the spirit of political transformation and expedition. So, it is a belief that Ezekiel Lol is praising, expressing gratitude, and thanking president Salva Kiir to alert, attach, and keep him in attention until the time for the formation of the TGoNU tick around the clock.
His letter that is circulating around on the social media platforms could be a prove to any political literate, analyst, and bystander to agree with this writing. In his letter entitled as "Thank You Note", Ezekiel clearly states that he intends to continue supporting President Kiir in any capacity and the quote goes as: "Your Excellency, I will continue to support Your Excellency and the entire Transitional Government of National Unity as you continue to build and cement peace, national cohesion, healing and reconciliation." When analysing such exponent view, one could conclude that continued support in politics means continuous flavour and eager to serve in the government in any capacity when it is necessary, so Ezekiel is ready to serve again in any possible positional, situational, and conditional change in the Kiir's government. He sees himself as a "chaff" which is just separated from the good seeds but ready to be used as "food". For good seeds here, bear also in mind the other Taban's big boys but with little in minds.
Secondly, assumptions. Politicians who thrive to, strive, and struggle for (re)appointment, return, and reconsideration to the government institutional-posts, have in common the assumption that the best mode of service provisions, including peace and security, economy, health and/or education, are best provided for by their superior, king or president. However, when in fact, this utterance is not correct instead it is meant for political gain which can be described as political begging. They assume that their principals provide the much-needed services so as to get a political reward in time.
 For example, while it is known to people of South Sudan, friends, and adversaries that President Kiir is not leading South Sudan in the right direction instead President Kiir road is filled and masked with the blood of innocents, Ezekiel Lol in his letter assumes that President Kiir is leading South Sudan towards peace, unity, and stability. Quote from Ezekiel explains this assumption much better: "I really congratulate you for leading this country to peace, unity and stability." This is, however, not surprising because the duo thrives to, strives, and struggles for (re)appointment, perhaps to the cognate ministry (oil ministry) or equivalent. Thus, it is true that politicians use assumptions for long terms return, reconsideration, and (re)appointment, though they know that they are not only false but also falsifying their superiors' state of governance.
The third and final - means. As the strategies and assumptions' explanations highlight what are needed for, or to gain access to (re)appointment, politicians take advantage of various means, avenues, and even skills to impress their superiors in getting the trust and confidence back for any potential government institution in the field. It is quite central that modern time politicians make use of technological-communication and media revolution to advance the course of (re)appointment dogma whenever politics of begging kicks off to reach their tops.
Former Oil Minister and owner of the phrase: "the economy is booming", Ezekiel Lol, instantly, begins his reappointment campaign right away with social media platforms (including Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) with the letter of "Thank You Note" to alert President Kiir that he was satisfied with, and for the so-much corruption he had has done in the oil ministry. This as a mean to reach president Kiir, the letter is being spread, shared, and forwarded by dozens of people in different avenues. It is, therefore, a life story that South Sudanese politicians use various means and avenues to beg for political (re)appointment to the government positions - a climb to the corruption ladder.
In conclusion, political beggars thrive to, strive and struggle for (re)appointment by using different strategies, assumptions (false) and means, such as technological-communication and media to alert, reach, keep in focus, and grab the attention of their tops.
(Gatdiet Peter, writes for The Sudan Tribune)

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