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"Left" Loses Glamour

Indian Voters Choose Ultra Right Politics

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Sujayendra Das :
Recently verdict of Indian Parliamentary elections of the year 2019 was declared with the result BJP and NDA Alliance emerged triumphant over its key political opponents Indian National Congress (INC) who was in the forefront of Indian political scenarios since the year 1885 December. Since then such a long decades have elapsed as India is now in the midst of new ideas and innovations. Citizens around the country are becoming accustomed with new ideas and mental grooming. Same goes in the case of change of political guards with INC, all left parties and other regional parties based all over India.
India is now a vast nation with 29 states and 9 union territories. In the just concluded Lok Sabha elections we experience with utter dismay and shock the appearance of Ultra right wing political forces which has displaced INC, TMC, all Left political parties like CPI, CPI(M), RSP etc and various other regional parties in different parts of India from the threshold of Indian political and social scenarios concerned. BJP along with its alliance has secured more than 300 seats. In the Indian states of West Bengal where BJP and alliance has no existence couple of years back has now opened their accounts not even in Kolkata metro areas but even in suburban and rural areas. In this parliamentary election we find that BJP and Alliance acquired 18 seats out of 42 parliamentary members with 22 for TMC and 2 for Indian National Congress. Pity part is that erstwhile dominating CPI (M) and Left Allies has at the present juncture turned to rubbles with nil seats.
It is only from the Indian States of Tripura and Kerala Left parties could salvage some prestige with three seats. Only West Bengal's citadel was nil. There might be some introspection regarding Left parties debacle from WB. But if one interprets true picture from this debacle then scenario which has been earthed out is that Left parties was in a desperate bid to rout TMC from the State as the said ruler of WB created unstable and traumatic situation for the common citizens in urban, suburban and deep rural heart of the State.
Thus it can be easily deciphered by all political analysts as well as by rational minded citizens that entire Left vote shares have gone to BJP with 80% to 84% thereby vote share of all Left parties have grossly dipped to around 10%. Only party leaders from Tripura and Kerala could salvage little bit pride and prestige in this regard. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble task to analyze that how BJP and NDA Alliance will perform and whether Left parties will be able to make big turnarounds in subsequent elections.
How BJP and NDA Alliance will perform in the coming five years in Lok Sabha from 2019 to 2024?
o    It is already known all over India and Bangladesh along with that of Sub Continent that Narendra Modi and his BJP cum NDA Alliance have emerged triumphant singlehandedly in the just concluded Parliamentary elections the verdict of which was announced on the May 23. Expectations are really galore among quite good numbers of Indian populace. The moot point in this regard is that how the BJP and NDA Alliance will bestow confidence among entire Indian citizens. Richer sections will no doubt throw rose petals upon BJP and NDA Alliance government but if we explore the scenarios profoundly then we might analyze that higher middle class, middle class and lower middle classes as well as poorer ones are all deeply worried about Modi government. Among all the main grievances about Modi government we find that massive price rise, demonetization and communal riots eruption and interruption upon economic bodies and academic bodies which is not at all called for by the progressive academic bodies. Also common people as well as the academic plus progressive sections of Indian populace are deeply scared about communal inferno. It is no doubt our entire deepest obeisance at The Altar of the Superpower is always that no communal inferno should occur in this state of India. It is my sincerest hopes and cherishment to connive that no further disturbance should take place in WB plus in other parts of India.
Will CPI (M) and Left Alliance make a comeback in National and State Politics of WB?
It is no doubt a highly debatable issue whether CPI (M) and Left Allies will make a comeback in West Bengal politics. As the parties have drubbing in the just concluded Parliamentary election but our nearby state Tripura and another South Indian state like Kerala have been able to salvage the prestige of this glorious political entity who once upon a time made an indelible mark in India's struggle for freedom and development of the nation as a progressive one. We also found that in the Indian state of West Bengal there was serious efforts to minimize the tirades of ruling TMC hence there was none other alternative than to support BJP and NDA Alliance in order to achieve this prized objective.
Though at the present juncture we  find that Left parties are in a obsolete state of affairs but after five to ten years there might be every possibility for them to make triumphant returns in the fourfold of state and national politics of India.  In this regard noted political analysts feel that Left parties in West Bengal should emphasize upon development of collective leadership of younger generations and proper ground work in order to bestow confidence upon modern generations. TMC in WB during the last eight years have drawn flak. So it is high time for all Left parties to dethrone ultra right parties from this state. Also veterans in the party need to resuscitate themselves along with new bloods into the party.
Economic and other agendas of the party to run India:
From the economic aspects the ruling BJP and NDA Alliance have to focus deeply upon economic development and ensuring pleasant relations with India's close neighbours and other global forces. In their first part of the ruling economic emancipation was rated as top priorities which was quite sound for around 3 to 4 years but later on things started dwindling thereby economic situations landed up into utter disarray.
That is why economic development should be given top priority so that common lead lives of utter comfort and cushy. Anyhow it is our sincerest belief and cherishment that economic development will definitely take turn for betterment utter in the year 2024 BJP and NDA's position will cripple further and in disarraying situations otherwise by the macro citizens of India will take turning for betterment.

(Sujayendra Das, writes from Kolkata, India)

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