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Eid Mubarak: May this day bring peace and prosperity to everyone

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MORE than one billion Muslims across the globe are now taking preparations to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr. It is one of the major holidays of the Islamic faith. In Bangladesh, the Eid is likely to be observed on Wednesday depending on sighting of the Moon. Eid ul-Fitr means the "holiday of breaking the fast". This religious event marks the end of Ramzan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). And Eid is the first and only day in the month of Shawal during which Muslims are not permitted to fast.
However, each culture throughout the world has different Eid traditions, but all of them begin with the morning Eid prayers in the Eidgah or mosque. Usually, these prayers are very large and sometimes take place in a larger setting such as a park or stadium to accommodate all walks of people. In capital city Dhaka, the main Eid prayer will be taken place at Eidgah Maidan adjacent to Supreme Court. Secondly, the Baitul Mukaram National Mosque is fixed for Eid congregation.
Eid is meant to be a time of joy and celebration, one cannot detach themselves from the misery of others. On the day, the Muslims dress up wearing their best and finest clothes. It's highly symbolic. The new dress represents spiritual renewal. That means, the Muslims leave Ramzan, a month of self-discipline, in a more beautified spiritual state. Thus, Eid comes to them with a more glorified manner. The celebration takes a peak by entertaining one other.
It's a common scenario each year that - there is a mad rush for transport to enable those living in Dhaka to go to their village homes to celebrate Eid with their near and dear ones. The vast majority of citizens have to wait in long queues to get a ticket, especially for train, during the festival. The condition of bus and launch passengers are not so different. We think, it is essential to quickly develop and maintain strong networks of transport systems like road, rail and water for our masses.
With following the spirit of the day, we are hopeful that Eid will be the most peaceful this year. We wish all our readers, advertisers, patrons and well-wishers a joyous and colourful Eid. Again wishing a happy Eid day to all!

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