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Revelation of the Qur'an and its authenticity

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Salahuddin Ahmed :
Allah sent some Holy Books before the Qur'an and they are : the Torah (Taurah) (3:33); the Psalms (Zabur) given to Dawud (Pbuh) (4:163; 17:55); the Bible (Injil) given to Jesus (Isa) (Pbuh) (3:3 ; 5:46). Muslims believe (amana) (2:285) in all theses Holy Books (kutubuhi) (2:285). Allah sent the Book (kitab) to Musa (Pbuh) as a guide (imaman) and a mercy (rahmatan) (46:12) from Him. Tawrat and Injil were revealed after Ibrahim (Pbuh) (3:65). The Disbelievers (kafaru) said that they will not believe in the Books which came before the Qur'an (bayna yadayhi) (34:31). The Qur'an confirms (musaddiqun) (2:41, 47, 97, 35:31,46:12, 30) (tasdiq) (12:111) the Holy Books which were sent by Allah before it (bayna yadayhi) (2:97; 12:111; 35:31) (ma'akum) (2:41).
Allah revealed (anzalnahu) the Qur'an in a blessed night (layaltin mubarakatin) (44:3) wherein Allah decides (yufraqu) (44:4) all important matters of wisdom (amrin hakim) (44:4) by His command (amran min 'indina) (44:5). The Qur'an has been revealed in parts (faraqnahu) by stages (tanzila) so that it can be recited (taqra'ahu) to people at intervals (mukthin) (17:106).
It is a revelation (tanzil) (20:4; 26:192; 32:2; 36:5; 39:1; 40:2; 41:2; 45:2; 46:2) containing knowledge (bi-'ilm) from Allah (minallahi) (39:1; 40:2; 45:2; 46:2; see 13:1) (rabbil 'alamin) (26:192; 32:2), (al-'azizir rahim) (36:5); (al-'azizil hakim) (39:1; 45:2; 46:2) (rahmanir rahim) (41:2) with the truth (bil-haqqi) (35:31; 39:41). The Qur'an is not but a revelation (wahyun) (53:4) revealed (yuha) (53:4) to Muhammad (S). The Qur'an was revealed gradually for strengthening (nuthabbitta) the heart (fu'adaka) (25:32) of the Rasulullah (S). Allah made the Rasulullah (S) to recite the Qur'an (nuqri'uka) so that he would not forget (fa-Iatansa) (87:5).
After revelation of the Qur'an the majority (aktharu) of the people turned away (a'rada) from it and did not listen (layasma'un) (41:4) to it. The Qur'an was revealed (nazzalna) (15:9); (anzala) (21:50; 25:6; 42:17) by Allah Himself (nahnu) (15:9). It is the Truth (haqq) from our Lord (rabbika) (32:3). Allah causes those given knowledge (utul 'ilm) to realize that the Qur'an is the truth from Him so that they may believe in it and humble their hearts (qulubuhum) (tukhbita) (22:54) to it but most people (aktharan nas) do not believe so (layu'minun) (11:17) . The Qur'an is not the words of Shaytan (bi-qawlin shattan) (81:25). Allah asked those who doubted (fi raybin) (2:23) the authenticity of the Qur'an to bring out (fa'tu) (2:23) similar Surahs in it. Allah sent down (anzala) the Qur'an (al-kitab) (18:1) to Muhammad (S). The Qur'an is protected (lahafizun) (15:9) by Allah.
Allah asks us to believe (aminu) (2:41) in the Qur'an. Allah asked the Rasulullah (S) to say (qul) that he believes (amantu) (42:15) in the Book (kitabin) sent down by Him (anzalallahu) (42:15). The devout Muslims believe the whole of it but most (akthar) people (0) do not believe (Iayu'minun) (13:1). Those who believe part of the Holy Book (afatu'minuna bi-ba'dilkitabi) and disbelieve in part (takfuruna bi-ba'din) will face disgrace (khizyun) in this world (hayatid dunya) and suffer severe punishment (ashaddil'azhab) on the Day of Resurrection (yawmal qiyamati) (2:85). The Believers (mu'mimm) believe (amana) in what has been sent down (unzila) to the Rasul (S) (ar-rasulu) (2:285).
The Qur'an has been described as "Book" (kitab) (32:2; 40:2; 46:2) ; "Reminder" (zikir) (12:104; 15:9; 21:50; 37:3; 38:8) for all people ('alamin) (12:104; 38:87) Allah revealed the Qur'an in clear (mubin) (16:103; 26:195),  (bayyinat) (24:1) (mubayyinat) (24:34, 46) Arabic ('arabiy) (12:2; 13:37; 16:103; 20:113; 39:28; 41:3; 42:7; 44:3; 26:195) and not in a language foreign (a'jamiyya) (41:44) to the Rasulullah (S) who was an Arab. Allah revealed (awhayna) (12:3; 42:7) Ja'alnahu) the Qur'an (12:3; 42:7; 43:3) to Muhammad (S) (ilayka) (12:3; 13:1; 42:7) in his language (bi-lisanika)(44:58).
The Qur'an is in the Mother of the Book (ummul kitab) (13:39; 43:4) which lies with Allah ('indahu) (13:39); (Iadayna) (43:4). It is blessed (mubarakun) (21:50; 38:29); Exalted ('aliyyyun) (43:4) ; full of wisdom (hakim) (10:1; 31:2; 36:2; 43:4) full of admonition (zhizh zhikr) (38:1); mighty('aziz) (41:41) and great ('azim) (15:87). It is the criterion (furqan)  (25:1) which decides between right and wrong. It is enlightenment (basa'iru) for mankind (lin-nasi) (25:20) and the best Hadith (ahsanal hadith) (39:23).
There is no doubt (Ia'rayba fihi) (2:2; 32:2) in the Qur'an. It has been described as 'Complete', 'Clear', 'Detailed', and "Perfect' in numerous verses e.g. 11:1, 12:1, 6:115, 6:38, 6:114. The Qur'an contains only the words of Allah and not that of Shaytan (mahuwa bi-qawli shaytanin rajim) (81:25). The Qur'an contains the words (qawlu) of an honoured Messenger (rasulin karim) (69:40) and there is no fabrication (yuftara) (12:111). It has not been composed by the words of a poet (ma hua bi-qawlin sha'ir) (69:41) nor it contains the words of a soothsayer (la bi-qawlin kahinin) (69:42). The Qur'an is complete and nothing has been missed out (ma farratna) (6:38) from it. There is no falsity (batil) (41:42) in it.
—Qur'an : Plain Meaning of the Major Topics

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