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121st Birth Day of National Poet Nazrul

The Rebel (Original : we‡`ªvnx) Kazi Nazrul Islam

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Declare O hero,
Declare my head is the highest.
Witnessing my head bows down the Himalayas.
Declare O hero,
Surpassing the inordinate sky of the universe,
Leaving behind the sun, moon, planets and the stars,
Crossing the earth, the heaven and the space above,
Piercing the Throne of the Lord,
I, the Spirit, the wonder of God, am raised!  
The Lord Rudra sparks on my forehead, marking the victory.
Declare O hero,
Declare my head is ever the highest.

I am the unbeatable, the cruel never bowing down determination,
I am the dancing Shiva of final destruction, the cyclone, the devastation,
I am the supreme fear, the imprecation on earth,
I am insatiable,
 I destroy in pieces all the obstacles !
 I am undisciplined- out of control,
I get the bondages foot smashed all the rules and chains !
I do not obey any law,
I make the loaded ships sink, I am the torpedo,
                  the armed warrior Bheem, the mine floating.
I am the Dhurjaty, the mistimed Boishakhi's rough haired storm!
I am the Rebel, the rebellious son of the God of universe!
Declare O hero,
Declare my head is ever the highest.
I am the tempest, I am the whirlwind,
Paving the ways in front, everything I grind.
I am the lunatic pirouette's rhythm,
Dancing on my own tune, I am the free joy of life.
I am the Hambeer, the Chhayanot, the swinging Hindol,
I proceed through rhythmic fantasy
While proceeding swaying back and forth
I whirl in a charming role;
I am the joyous, jolly Hindol.
I act, as I choose, being my minds's disciple,
I embrace my foes, with death I grapple.
I am insane, the stormy mirth .
I am the epidemic, the terror on earth!
I am the ruling terror, destruction, I am the careless forever restless.
Declare O hero,
Declare my head is ever the highest.
I am the frenetic forever, the indomitable ,
I am the non dominated the cup of my life is always filled with dizzying liquor,
I am the holy flame, the fire accompanied Jamadagni,
I am the sacrificing ritual, the priest, the flame 'Agni'.
I am the creation, the demolition, the human habitation, the cremation ground,
I am the ending, the ending of the night (profound)!
I am the son of Indrani, moon in my hand and sun on my forehead,
In one of my hands I carry the flute, and in the other the warrior's trumpet!
I am the blue throat of Shiva , poisoned with poison churned from the ocean of pain.
I am Byomkyesh,  holding  the flowing streams of the Gongotri to restrain.
Declare O hero,
Declare my head is ever the highest.

I am the monk, the melodious soldier,
I am the prince, my royal garment is faded gerua gesture.
 I am the Bedouin , the Chenghiz myself,
I never bow down to anyone except myself.
I am the thunder, the holy enchant 'OM' from Ishan's horn,
I am the tremendous blast of Israfil's trumpet.
I am the drum of Shiva's hand, the trident, the sustaining god's gong,
I am the 'chakra' and the lord's godly conch, the mighty primordial scream.
I am the restive Durbasa, the 'Bishyamitra's disciple,
I am the burning wildfire, I will gallop the world.
I am the spirit pouring laughter, the disaster-cruel against creation,
I am the demon eclipsing the twelve sun of tremendous destruction.
Sometimes tranquil, sometimes blistering and sometimes carelessly willful.
Vanishing the boasting of the lord, I am the bloody red morn's soul youthful !
I am squalling windy ebullience, the ocean's ecstatic roaring,
I am the magnificent, the bold radiant lighting.
I am the shaking splashing stream, Hindol of the sun  swinging!

I am a maiden's free hairy flow, the flame of her ravishing eyesight.,
I am the teenager's heart , fierce in love, I am the thankful delight.
I am the carefree heart of a distracted soul,
I am the grief chocked chest of a widow, The sad sighs of sorrowful.
I am the suppressed sadness of all the street living homeless wanderers,
I am the agony of the cast aside class, the poisonous pain,
                                a painful heart's reliving desires.
I am the saddened woes of the ever distressed mind, the close bosom pain,
I am the lover in disguise to steal the first kiss,
              the first sensational thrill of the maiden.
I am the startled look of a secret admirer in a tricky way of loving ,
I am the love of a smart maiden, the sound of her bangles jingling.
I am forever a child, a pubescent forever,
I am the veiling gesture of a young village belle filled with shameful fear!
I am the North wind, the Malabar's breeze, the southern air,
I am the deep tune of a balladeer's song, sung without playing lyre.
I am the thirsty request of the mid-day, I am the blazing hot sun .
I am the stream in desert flowing, the green landscape posture.
I rush with extreme joy out of frenzies, what an insane, I am insane !
 Suddenly known myself, I am free of bondages !!
I am the rise, I am the downfall, I am the sensible senselessly,
I am the world acquiring cruise, the flag exhibiting human victory.
I proceed stormy with windy clapping
Holding the heaven and earth in my hand,
The swift 'Burrak' and 'Uchhweshroba' carry my cart
Calling brave and grand!
I am the volcano on earth, the increasing flame,
                           the fire of final destruction.
I am the intoxicated fire beneath the soil, I am the merry making noise.
Riding thunders I keep on flying high, skipping in exaggeration,
 Being terror, I make the world terrified, creating earthquake.
I catch hold of the snake god Basuki's hood,
I grab the fiery wings of heavenly angel Jibrail!
I am the Dev infant, the vivacious,
I am wicked, I playfully tear mother earth's veil!
I am the flute of Orpheus,
Lullaby for the restless ocean
To make the universe sleep, adorable calmness to gain
The tune of my flute is irresistible.
I am the flute in Krishna's hands.
With anger when I dart across the spacious sky,
In fear the seven hells, Habiya gradually fades away,.
I am the Rebel bearer all over the universe wide and high.
I am the flood provoking stream of Shrabon,
I get the fertile earth warmly received,
           sometimes destructive, sometimes able to harvest.
I will snatch away both of the paramours from the lord Vishnu's chest!
I am the injustice, I am the omen, I am the Saturn,
I am the burning commet, the poisonous king cobra!
I am the beheaded Kali,  Ranada the war lord devastating,
I smile flowery smile, on the hell fire sitting !
I am produced with clay, the supreme formation,
I am ageless, I am immortal, I am indomitable creation.
I am the fear of humans, demons and gods ,
Of the universe I am the never conquerable.
The Ishwor, the Lord of the world, truthfully the best of human being,
I churn through the heaven, hell and earth rhythmically dancing!
I am insane, I am insane!!
Suddenly I have known myself, I am free of bondages!!

I am the valorous axe of Parshuram ,
Demolishing the caste 'Khatriya', I will create a world, peacefully calm !
I am the yoke on Balaram's shoulder,
I will uproot the world of dependency in the great joy of new creation.
I am the great Rebel tired of war
That day will catalyze calmness in my restless desire,
The day, the cries of suppressed won't get echoed around,
The oppressor's cruel sword won't stigmatize the battle ground.
The Rebel tired of war
That day will catalyze calmness in my restless desire.

Being the rebellious Bhrigu, On the lord's bosom I will stamp my foot mark ;
Being the creator himself, the agony giving whimsical lord's chest I will tear apart !
Being the rebellious Bhrigu, On the lord's bosom I will stamp my foot mark !
I will tear the whimsical lord's chest apart!
I am the ever Rebel hero,
Rising alone, leaving behind the universe, my head the highest !
(Translation: Anis Fatema)
 ( Note: The Almighty has given consciousness to the best creation human being. The Godly spirit in our soul makes us to rebel against suppression and injustice.)

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