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Take steps to make Eid journey hassle-free

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BANGLADESH Road Transport Corporation will start selling advance bus tickets on inter district routes under its special Eid service from Monday. The Corporation's Eid special service will be available between May 27 and June 10. Under the service total 1,089 BRTC buses will provide Eid service on different inter district routes across the country. From Dhaka 649 buses will start towards different routes during Eid and 390 buses will provide the Eid services from other districts. A total of 60 buses will be kept standby at different terminals in the capital to facilitate passengers during Eid.
Besides, the advance Eid-ul-Fitr train tickets sale will start on May 22 and continue till May 26. Aiming to reduce hassle-free Eid journey for holidaymakers, Bangladesh Railway has decided to sell 50% of advance tickets online. Eid holidaymakers can buy advance train tickets using a mobile app. The advance tickets will be sold at five different places: Kamalapur Station, Airport Railway Station, Tejgaon Railway Station, Banani Railway Station, and Fulbaria (Old Railway Bhaban). Sixteen special trains will carry passengers out (of Dhaka) during the Eid holidays, starting from June 2 to June 4. The trains will return to the capital from different districts from June 6 to June 12.
Similarly, the advance launch tickets will be available for sale within a couple of days. But what we see that, a huge number of passengers don't get tickets to go to their destinations every year. The number of BRTC buses is too small in comparison to its demand. Moreover, tickets of bus, train and launch become dearer as the Eid day comes nearer. A large number of people have to collect tickets from the black market paying extra money. It's a common scenario in the train, bus and launch stations every year. Apart from it, delay in services adds extra pain to the commuters. Sometimes, it takes almost double time to reach any destination whatever a passenger avails - bus, train or launch.
The authorities concerned should take proper initiatives without wasting anytime so that passengers do not suffer during their Eid journey. Hope, this year the Eid journey will be hassle-free.

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