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Social Media and Global Friendship

The Insecure Freedom and Free Thinking

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Md. Nasir Mia :
I forget to take the necessary things when I go out but do not forget to take mobile. I forget to pay the fee but don't forget to pay for Wi-Fi. Forgetting to talk to the parents by inserting money into the mobile phone, I do not forget to know about friends by buying MB. I forget to take a book in the reading room but I do not forget to take mobile. Because every time I enter Facebook, like to share, comment, and share their pictures. I remain very busy to know about my facebook friends. Now I sleep at deep night because I spend time by chatting with my friends. But I didn't know these facebook, messenger one day. I got admitted in the University and opened Facebook in 2016. Then I used to go to the study room without the mobile room. I used to sleep at 11.30 pm in the night. I got up at 7 in the morning and started my journey to fulfill my dream. But now getting up in the morning, I check Facebook's notification lying on the bed, checking the messenger, watching the video on YouTube, and then forget the class. Because now I'm addicted to something bigger than drugs. Yes, is not it?? Because it's ruining many young generation like me. All those who have made Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram are all psychologists. They play with the minds of the people. "Trishan Harris, the former product manager of Google, said," Smart phone is like gambling machine ". "Why is it called it? He replied that every moment we check it what is new in notification, like or comments which match with gambling machine". He further said, "I learnt about persuasive technology which motivates people to use this addicted apps at the time of studying Stamford University. Niriyala, a researcher's and his famous book, "Hooked", where the main theme was "How to Build Habit Building Business Product?" One of the most important topics of his book was "Variable Reward" that is - you uploaded a picture, got a lot of likes, but the next day gave another one but didn't get more likes it. Do you know why this is happened? The app has been designed in this way so that you become very happy to get more likes or comments by uploading a picture or status and another day you didn't get more likes or comments but you also become very angry or upset and upload another picture to get more likes than the previous day. This is emotional game. When the people are frustrated and depressed, they cannot make the right decision. Then they are doing something emotionally. And technology designers take this opportunity. Different designs are made for everyone, and different users are individually motivated.
But how this is possible that is the question. But it is possible because with the help of the information that you upload your daily photo, status, they (Psychologist) can understand your mental state. One kinds of juice called "Topamin" remain inside the human brain that helps in the feeling of happiness and sorrow and encourages any work. And it has been researched by these social networking companies. They are busy to enhance your picture likes and point out the next one upload with ease. Do you know why the notification sign is red? Because it helps to increase excitement of people and in the brain repeatedly invades to see what's new. Ramiz Brown, a researcher in California, has a software company. He says "We work for people who are interested in using the app over and over again". The question is what is the advantage of our addiction??? They get lots of dollars for the ads what we see through social media at the time of running face book, twitter, Instragram etc. But we think we can see it free! And these works have been done by Gebes Jikerman, a silicon engineer. They are called "Attention Engineer. Shane Parker (The former president of Facebook ) said, "Facebook has been built in a manner that can keep people's  attention more time ".He also said, "We know that how much dangerous for health and brain this social media with Smartphone." But we don't know that the profit seeker of this harmful technology is not using it. Justin Rojestein, who works with Facebook's like feature, uses apps named "Reedit" for not entering in the facebook. And she calls the 'Snapchat' as heroin. And he has set a parental course so that he cannot download any new app. The same has been done by former Facebook product manager Lia Palman. He left the job in Facebook and now works as a photographer. He has appointed a social media manager to visit his Facebook. There is also another specialist, Lorenz Bristia (the father of the pool to refresh button) said. "I do not know how much benefit gets by people with which I have worked for the whole life. Then Markzakerburk doesn't operate his own facebook account. He has twelve assistant to operate his social media. Steve Jobs did not let his children to use the iPhone what he discovered. He also said, "I have prohibited the use of social media on my children." British author Howard Jacobson said, "In the twenty years, children will be fooled by Facebook-Twitter". Then this is the right time to understand what we're doing through me. But suppose: A viral video that can be spread in a few moments, which is harmful for us. And this kinds of incidents which we have seen in the past days. But this social media also have more benefits if it can use proper way.
But when these were not, did we not get news from television and newspapers? Nowadays youth like me are very addicted to social media. We cannot think freely and gradually we are losing free thinking. Now we don't exercise, even sport. Because we are busy with social media. Now young generation is addicted with this social media all over the world. The government of developed country is trying to rehabilitate their children to keep away from this social media. However, it is beneficial for those who use moderate. So young people like me should be as far away as possible from social media. So we do not have to be more than 15-30 minutes in social media. Do not run unnecessarily and restrict its use as far as possible. This could be our effective step. Otherwise, we will be addicted to drugs like that.
(The writer is a student of Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Dhaka).

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