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Doctors need our prayers and support
Medicine is one of the most challenging and complicated professions in the world. It is not just based on academic achievements or international certificates, it is about saving lives, about people and their health.
A successful doctor has many qualities that make the profession different. Doctors are healers, they understand people and their ways.
I laugh at myself when I go for medical checkups and walk very confidently to the reception. I take out my health insurance card and give it to the nurse who calls out me to make sure my name matches the person standing in front of her.
They first do routine tests like measuring my blood pressure. I am then asked to clear my pocket, so my wallet and phone go, which count for only 400 grams. Soon my weight is checked.
The time finally comes to meet the doctor who begins to ask some questions to help him diagnose my condition. Sometimes the test requires the patient to get behind the curtains during which one have to take off some or most of your clothes. Though there is no shame in science and particularly medicine, it can be embarrassing to many, but for a doctor it is a something he does to ensure everything is right with the patient. I have not followed my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Perhaps I am too shy and will not know how to act in such embarrassing situations. May God help our noble doctors. They save lives; they deserve our support and prayers.
Ahmed Omar Balhamer
Abu Dhabi

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