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Don't take ISIS claim seriously and be misled

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It is most shocking and heartbreaking to the deaths of so many innocent people in Sri Lanka as a result of a series of terrorist attacks on churches and luxury hotels in the cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa on Easter Sunday. 

Country's minority Christian community - which accounts for less than 10 per cent of the country's total population of 21.4 million - appeared to be the main target of the attacks. Sri Lankan authority claimed there were six suicide bombers involved in the explosions while police have arrested 24 people in this connection.

The attacks were well-planned, must have taken a long period of time for orchestrating on   so many places, including a mosque. It is admitted officially that Sri Lankan intelligence agency had information about possible terror attack but whatever mystery this information was not taken up for any consideration.

At present, INTERPOL is deploying a team to Sri Lanka to assist the national authorities investigating the bomb attacks. The Incident Response Team will include specialists with expertise in crime scene examination, explosives, counter-terrorism, disaster victim identification and analysis.

Though there is no clear evidence, Islamic State has claimed responsibility of the attack, Reuters reported on Tuesday. ISIS is an organisation of mentally nihilists and no sensible person will take its claim seriously without evidence. They are Muslims in namely and they lead most un-Islamic characterless lives.

The Sri Lankan government earlier has blamed a little-known radical Islamist group National Towheeth Jama'ath for the suicide bombings saying the group had received help from an international terrorist organisation. It is unbelievable that such a small organisation could have the resources to launch such attacks.

As well wishers of wonderful people of Sri Lanka our appeal will be not to mislead by any anti-Muslim Forces of the West. Please find the truth for your own good. Muslims and Christians -- both are minority groups in Sri Lanka. It is hard to believe that a minority group could attack another minority group apparently without any objective. Why Muslims would make them vulnerable to violence?

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