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Nusrat's burning to death for sex is no insult to AL feminists

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Editorial Desk :
It is not a government of one person or no person when different departments of the government lapse into being nonfunctional. The government as a whole is dysfunctional.
A leader in chief of a pro-government human rights NGO is still anxious to defend the government when the whole people are exploding in condemnation of brutal gang killing of student Nusrat for sex. They are devoid of feeling strongly as they had felt over Ms Masuda Bhatti controversy.
The position of the concerned NGO chief has taken now is that nothing moves unless an order comes from the Prime Minister. So the credit goes to the Prime Minister. She claims indirectly that the police in Sonagazi, Feni, become active only after the PM's order. The police were active because of public pressure. Even then the OC who is clearly in complicity with the crime in collaboration with local leaders has not been arrested as an accused. He is transferred for his safety.
The NGO chief Sultana Kamal's blame is reserved for the police alone and not the local Awami League leaders who used the police protection to commit ruthlessly the sexual crime jointly. Police also enjoys protection as the king makers. As far as we know she did not explicitly demand their punishment. Her courage is missing.
The other firebrand Awami League feminists do not want to be seen saying anything against the killers of Nusrat. Their hypocrisy is clear. They must protect their party men against oppression of women. To them savagely killing the woman student by burning does not undermine the honour of the women if the offence is committed by their own men. Ms Bhatti was their ideal woman for holding high their feminine honour when her character came in question.
What they are anxious to do is to condemn the police but to save the government. It needed the PM's direction for activating the police administration.  But whether justice will be done to the right culprits remain unsure.
Who will make all the parts of the government work efficiently without orders from the above? They avoid the answer. It is because the government people are involved in the crime, and they must be saved. They did not protest killing Nusrat as the open and tragic violation of her human rights.
The NGO chief concerned as a leading personality for feminist rights and other AL feminists have no idea that it is no credit to the Prime Minister that nothing moves in the government unless she intervenes. This is not how even a one-person government is run. One person government has to have greater grip on the government machinery for others to obey that one person's orders. In a no control government is a government-less situation. Everybody in the government feels he has no accountability to the people.
The people have no faith about impartial investigation for politicisation of the police. It is widely known that the Law Secretary has no hesitation in interfering with lower judiciary. Some law enforcing agencies are active to put pressure on the judiciary. Whether this information is true or false, we leave it to the people to consider. It is dangerous for the country's law and order without the people's faith in judicial system.
It is general knowledge that most of the sexual crimes are committed by those with politically powerful links and remain suppressed out of fear. They are most helpless as the government has no accountability to the people.
The feminist leaders of this kind pretend to be the crusaders in the cause of human rights but they do not bother that the most fundamental human right to vote in a free election has been denied to the people using police power. No popular government will do this. But they remained carefully uncommitted. They are not anxious to go strongly for preventing human rights violation. Their business is to go to court after the violation took place.
It is sad that the partisan feminist leaders cannot act conscientiously for their political loyalty.  
The public wrath is accumulating against such cruelty and injustices. Police are needed more for preventing crimes than punishing after crimes were committed freely and jointly with the police and political leaders are of little help for public security.

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