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Pure enough to
smile at

-Tahia Tabassum
Hey! Come to me and hold my hand!
We will be together where the place will be so vast to stand!
Come to me with all of your heart,
We will enjoy the love within the holy guard.

I am a dreamer and wish to let you dream
In this earth and in the other supreme.
This is so delightful to me
To let you up and let the dream to see.

I dream for another world
And giving you the invitation card.
Come and join with me,
We will be together and make the world, thee.

Will make this world and human
Just like the angels and their organ;
Pure enough to smile at
And crazy enough to give a pat.

Only death can
take away
-Sk Nazrul

Here I stand on space exclusively mine
 Remove me if you can
Here I stand with my ears erect
Take a grab at it, if you can
These feet have delineated for me
 My piece of land, you may scare me
If you dare with your canine mercenary.
They keep moving round the periphery
Craving stale piece of meat for
And vest fealty into those that give away
Their daily dole twice.

The piece of land that belongs to me, to my father
His father must bear of course seal of genuine love
However the number of opportunists swells
However, enormous the mobilization of vulture gang around.

I won’t share the love of it with anybody else
Just here I stand transfixed before the graves of my ancestors.
 Remove me, if you dare.
Take away if you can
As I stand under the tunic of my mother
From my heart I have called you my mother
From my faith I knew you my father
Only death can take away these feelings.

My prayer on devotion
-Ahmed Tahsienul Araefin

There’s a sun in the sky
And this is my father
There’s a moon in the sky
And this is my mother.
I love the sun
I love the moon
Morning, mid-day, afternoon
And in the night
They are in my heart
I love them very much.
Without them
The world is just a desert.

When I spend time with them
I feel the world like a Heaven.
When they will no more shine
Then how to spend this life mine
How can I live in this world alone?
So I pray to Allah
To give them life to live long       
I pray to the Lord of the universe
To keep them happy: This is my song.

(Ahmed Tahsienul Araefin is Grade-VI student)

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