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Shamefully Shahnaz was a victim of mean politics

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The singing bird of Bangladesh who mesmerized millions of audiences in the last 50 years by her classic songs will not sing again.  The lady who had enriched the country's cultural arena by her outstanding performance and unparallel contribution will not wake-up again. And the singer who echoed the emotion of Bengali nation in her ageless song 'Joy Bangla Banglar Joy' will not return again. Shahnaz Rahmatullah, the great singer of this soil, passed away at the age of 67, following a severe cardiac arrest at her city's Baridhara residence early Sunday.
She was not only famous in the subcontinent but also in different countries across the globe for her wonderful songs. Born in 1952, Shahnaz Begum (later Rahmatullah) emerged as a singer in Dhaka in the mid-1960s. She sang in different Bengali and Urdu films in her glorious career. It would be a great experience to anyone if listens to Rabindra Sangeet, Bhawaiya or Urdu Gazal sung by her in one sitting.
Though her main area of singing was modern songs, she made her distinction in patriotic songs. However, Ekbar Jete De Na Amar Chhotto Sonar Gaye, Je Chhilo Drishtir Shimanay, Khola Janalay Cheye Dekhi, Tomar Agune Porano O Duti Chokhe and Ek Tara Tui Desher Kotha --- were her signature tune.
She was honoured with different prestigious awards including, Ekushey Padak, National Film Award, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award and Bangladesh Chalachchitra Sangbadik Samity Award for her excellent performance.  She also achieved Manik Mia Foundation gold medal for her lifetime contribution in the field of music.
There is a common perception that, she was almost absent on the stage and television for the last decade for mean politics that President Zia patronised her. It is so disgraceful that in our country's small-minded politics talent cannot be appreciated as talent.

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