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Stringent actions needed against poachers, bird hunters
The poachers have again become active in the Sundarbans and its adjacent areas. They are allegedly hunting deer indiscriminately in collusion with local influential people, and selling the venison, hides and horns at high prices. It is known that, the venison is sold in various secret markets, including Sharankhola, Mongla, Chila, Satkhira, Koyra, Paikgachha, Terokhada, Dumuria, Tala, Chuknagar and adjacent areas of the Sundarbans.
Not only in Sundarbans area; the poachers are also active in other parts of the country. The forest officials two days ago detained an alleged poacher with a deer-hunting trap from the forest in Monpura upazila of Bhola. The detained person along with a group of four poachers was trying to trap a deer on that night. The officials have seized a 200-metre-long net trap and machete from his possession.
The Coastguard and other law enforcement agencies in separate drives have recovered a huge number of deer heads, skins and several kgs of venison in the earlier days. But the situation is not yet changed.
It becomes very common to trap migrated birds and selling them in open markets in different parts of the country. For that reason, the number of migrated birds has reduced nowadays.
I don't understand why stringent actions are not taken against the poachers and bird hunters. I like to draw the attention of government high-ups in this regard.

Md Salim Ullah Khan
Bagerhat, Khulna   

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