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Rohingya criminals: A new challenge for Bangladesh

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ROHINGYA refugee crisis is getting critical day by day. Now unlawful activities of some Rohingya criminal groups have become headache of law enforcement agencies. A Cox's Bazar court on Sunday sent 13 Rohingyas to jail as two groups of the refugees clashed in Ukhiya's Kutupalong camp on Saturday night. Police said the two groups at Camp-6 were locked in an armed clash at around 11:00pm that continued for over four hours. Unruly Rohingyas also threw stones and brick chips at Camp-in-Charge office at that time, quoting police local newspapers reported. A team of joint forces on information raided the area and arrested the Rohingyas.  Locals said the clash ensued between the two groups "Over sharing of illegal toll collected from a local Bazar".
What we see that, most of the Rohingyas have no respect to the host country's law though they are staying here as refugees. Now, there are over a dozen of armed terror groups in the refugee camps across Cox's Bazar. These groups are allegedly involved in various criminal activities in and outside the camps. Sometimes they lock in clashes between themselves over sharing of extortion and money that comes from Yaba business. Law enforcement agency sources said tension is running high at three refugee camps in Teknaf-Ukhiya border following armed conflict between the Rohingya groups. Not only in night, they often lock in gun battles in the daytime too. Murder, kidnapping, disappearance and other hardcore crimes have become very common in these camps.
Recently, members of Bangladesh Army have spoiled a large terror attack. There is widespread allegation that, some Myanmar extremist groups have formed new armed groups in these camps hiding their real identities. There are also reportedly a few dacoit gangs. It becomes very necessary to check the criminal activities of Rohingyas in the soil of Bangladesh. Otherwise, the vested quarters may patronize the criminals' groups to portray the Rohingyas as terrorists in the outer world. If so, the Myanmar could take the chance and go to international community saying that it would not possible for them to repatriate the terrorists to Rakhine State.

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