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Experiencing degradation of moral and social values

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INCIDENTS of women violation have been rising with the increase of women empowerment along with laudable attainment of gender parity in the country. With the latest violation of a mother and her daughter in Narsingdi, dozens of women and children were raped in the last two months.
Sociologists and religious leaders should come up with advocacy programs to correct men's attitude to women and cultural aggression should be checked for ensuring safety for female. The government, political parties, social, religious and educational institutions should come up to build a safer country for female children, mothers and sisters.
News media reported that the violated mother and her daughter had started for Habiganj on a bus around 3:00 pm on Friday from Sayedabad in the capital. The bus broke down near Sristygor around 6:30 pm. The accused approached the victims and offered them a ride on another bus. At one stage, they started dragging the daughter away from the spot. The mother tried to protect the girl but failed. The accused took both of them to a nearby jute mill, raped them and fled. After the incident, the victims went to the police station. The law enforcers made overnight drives and arrested two suspects.
Print and Electronic media throughout January and February remained busy covering the news of rape, gang-rape and sexual violence though right campaigners say what appears in the news media is just the tip of a iceberg. The free intrusion of foreign culture and flood of adult contents through high speedy internet have already disarrayed the social mosaic, family bonding, moral barometer, while education cannot put any restriction and to respect opposite sex.
The society which itself becomes corrupt in absence of rule of law and inexistence of social protest could not console the sexual violence. If we truly committed to ending sexual violence the state must set examples by finishing the long-pending rape cases in time. Otherwise, these sorts of crimes continue to thrive.

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