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Poems dedicated to Bangabandhu

The Golden Son

Mosarrof Hossain Bhuiyan

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Golden son of Bengali mother named Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
He quakes earthly abode in the fight of freedom.
That boy was born in the Tungipara's groan
Parents called (him) Khoka with affection.

Khoka had excessively courage affection-full face
Cried for the sorrow of afflicted, wanted country's bliss
Oh, what was done for going to school to learn
Returned with bare body giving the shirt to other.

Cloths of body, shoes of foot; all were bestowed
The song of humanity was sung with high-toned.
Alone in silent forest the wagtail bird's nest was searched
People of neighborhood to see him had gathered.

He had no fear, would be kindled in protest
Baby-Khoka grew up, would be Bangabandhu.
 Imprisonment, coercion, oppression could not suppress at all
The lifespan had less afraid of death.

Mother-soil, for this country his heart had cried
Therefore the stake was taken to liberate motherland.
Pakistani army admitted the defeat of Liberation War
Sheikh Mujib is winner in history of Bengali's independence.
                                                          -Translator: Rudro Rasel

We can sing the song of freedom just for you
For the nation (you) have sacrificed own-life.
You have known, (you) will hang in the gallows but
 Even a little fear was not to the Hyenas too.

By your call the brave-Bengali went in to the struggle of freedom
War and war for nine months the freedom comes.
You came in independent Bangladesh as a hero
Free homeland was embraced with deep love.

Skyscraper high head, in the face the pearl drops
Getting you the brave-Bengali cried in absolute happiness.
To give fiery-message, will not die slowly
Compatriots took an oath to put hand on chest.

The tree flower and bird understood your message
 The water animal has brought the red-yam's bracelet.
The farmers have grown the crop land field to field
Friend, still of all you are the life.
                                                          -Translator: Rudro Rasel

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