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Action needed against law-breakers

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Despite serious actions taken the by the authorities concerned, the traders are still using harmful chemicals in food items in city.
On Thursday, a mobile court fined a chemical business house Tk 50 lakh at Armanitola area for storing and selling expired chemicals used for making food and cosmetics items and seized 45 tons of such chemicals.
We see that, the chemicals were meant for preparing food items, including jams and jelly, cosmetic items including shampoo and lipstick. There were chemical items for using in medical science and in industries. The dates of most of the chemicals expired in 2005 while the rest in 2014 and in 2015.
There are more problems. Many traders still store dangerous chemicals in different houses across Old Dhaka.
I urge the Dhaka South City Corporation and Rajdhani Unnayan Katripokhkho to take necessary steps in this regard.
Kamal Ahmed
Basila, Dhaka

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