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Al Mahmud-A tribute

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                          -Anwarul Karim

Al Mahmud is dead, long live Al Mahmud-the poet of world-wide fame
He faced death as it came through gap of window frame
Black and dark, but Mahmud caught him without fear.
A great warrior, he loved the country dear.

He will live in the minds of people and will fade never
He will be honored as a patriot  poet forever  
‘Mahmud fought for truth,  Bangladesh mourns his death
Valiant  freedom fighter,  his sufferings cost his breath.
The lamp is shattered , yet the lights of his glory all spread,-
A voice of people caring much for have-nots’ bread.

A bird of eternal peace you designed   a peaceful life on earth,
‘Sonali Kabin’ is one that earns you thus praising worth.
Never shall I compare thee to a summer’s day
Live eternally in the soul of a friend as the darling buds of gay.
Death shall never brag thou in its dark cold shade
Live long in thy poetry, thy eternal youth shall never fade.
Herein lives your wisdom, decaying not by age and time
You thus grow along the beauty's rose that   ceases not its prime.

Thy gift, thy love and friendship mine burns in flame within my heart
This will remain ever shining and never shall we part.
Al Mahmud, the child of grace, worthy of reverence live thou in peace in Heaven
Our prayer goes with you, thine works are ceaseless charity, you a blessed one.

(The writer formerly a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Divinity School, USA)
Lost Star
-Mohammad Mamun Mia
You’ve gone to the eternal abode leaving us forever
Your stimulating pen won’t work as before
Your followers are depressed in the core of their hearts
Your unique approach in writing is admirable decades after decades.

You’ve portrayed nature-greenery-riverine life of typical Bengal
Language Movement, nationalism, humanity and economic exploitation
Chronicles of the oppressed are seen
Through immense images and metaphors using.

You’re a Star Poet of Bengali literature
Your name is engraved on the mind of the reader
Showing right track, you rested for good
Our poet, you will shine forever - Al Mahmud.  n

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