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Fish price upward, vegetables stable

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Staff Reporter :
The demand for fresh vegetables in the megacity of Dhaka is rising fast with the increase of  the  people's consciousness about the food value of the food items.
Savar, Keraniganj and Demra of Dhaka district grow different varieties of vegetables, including cauliflowers, cabbage, bottle guard, leafy item like spinach and celery.
These areas are traditionally a good source of vegetables for the residents of Dhaka.
But the farmers are unhappy due to lower price of the products  in the winter season.
Meanwhile, Chinese varieties of vegetables are recently being found on sale in the markets,  thanks to the youths who joined the farming with their innovative ideas.
However, the price of fish, ginger and  onion increased, but vegetables remained stable in the city's kitchen markets in the weekend on Friday.
The reporter observed during visiting different kitchen markets in the city including Karwan Bazar,  Malibag, Shantinagar, Fakirapool and Hatirpool bazaars that bottle guard was selling at Tk 50 to 70 per piece, brinjal at Tk 30 to 35 per kilogram, potato Tk 25, raddish at Tk 20, arum at Tk 40 to 45, snake gourd at Tk 50 to 60, french beans at Tk 70 to 80, balsam apple at Tk 50, carrot at Tk 30 to 35, bitter gourd at Tk 50 to 60, cucumber at Tk 40 to 50, green papaya at Tk 20 to 25, pumpkin (medium size) at Tk 40 to 60 per piece, cauliflower at Tk 20 to 30, cabbage at Tk 20 to 30 per piece,  capsicum (red) at Tk 350 per kg and capsicum (green) at Tk 250 to 280 per kg. Lemon was selling at Tk eight to Tk10 per piece. Broccoli was selling at 30 to 35 per piece, spinach and calery at Tk 10 per bunch.
The price of fresh water fish like Shing, Magur, koi, Sheat, tengra, lata and shoul has increased
by Tk 40 to 80 per kg on Friday. Shing and magur were selling at Tk 500 to 750 per kg, koi at Tk 400, sheat at Tk 400 to 700, tengra at Tk 450 to 500, lata at Tk 250, shoul at Tk 600, Pabda at 400 to 500, and Golsha at Tk 500-600.
Of other fishes, butter fish was selling at Tk 300 to 320, lobster at Tk 450 to 550, shrimp (River) at Tk 500 to 600, puti at Tk 300 to 400 per kg, cultivated koi at Tk 160 to 200 per kg, Fali Chanda (Rupchanda) at Tk 900 to 1100 per kg, eel at Tk 500 to 650 per kg, batashi at Tk 500 to 550, Aire fish at Tk 500 to 700, baila at Tk 550 to 600 per kg, coral fish at Tk 500 to 600 per kg, river Pangas at Tk 350 per kg, cultivated pangas at Tk 150 per kg, rajputi at Tk 350 per kg and telapia at Tk  180  to Tk 200 per kg.
The white broiler chicken was selling at Tk 130 to Tk 135 per kg. Mother chicken was selling at Tk 160 to 170 per kg, the sonali cock (Pakistani origin) at Tk 180 to 220 per piece. Local (deshi) chicken weighing 800 gm to 900 gm was selling at Tk 350 to 400 per piece.
Beef was selling at Tk 480-Tk 500 per kg and red meat (goat) at Tk 750 to 800 per kg.
Of rice, superior quality of Nazirshail was selling at Tk 58 to 62 per kg, Minicate at Tk 53 to 55 per kg, medium quality of Bridhan-28 and Lata rice were selling at Tk 46- 48 per kg. Different kinds of coarse rice like Swarna were selling at Tk 44 and similarly the hybrid quality at Tk 43 to Tk 45 per kg.
The price of red lentil remained unchanged over the week. The local variety of red lentil was selling at Tk 90-100 per kg, while the coarse variety of imported red lentil was selling at Tk 80-95 per kg.
The local variety of onion was selling between Tk 25 to 30 per kg, imported Indian variety at Tk 20 to 25. Imported garlic (Chinese) was selling at Tk 90-Tk 100 per kg at  retail market. Local variety of garlic was selling at Tk 50-Tk 70 a kg.

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