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Don't let the criminals rule over the innocents

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THE horrifying brutality of killing two kids after rape in the city proves the ultimate criminalization and demoralization of the society due to lack of social, familial and religious values. The wailing parents of Nusrat and Dola, both of five-year-old, are helpless but seeking punishment for the social beasts who took off the light of two little lives. The society itself becomes corrupt for non-implementation of laws and absence of social protest. So, the 'lip-service' provided by the social elites could not relieve the society of such crimes.  In fact, we become habitual to see such crimes almost often. The socio-structural damage which we are now facing is resulted from the free access of alien foreign culture and flood of adult contents through high speed internet. If these types of incidents go on in an uninterrupted way, the society will lose its moral dimension very shortly.
As reported in media, the kids were found murdered inside one of their neighbours Golam Mostafa's house in the capital's Konapara area. Coming back home from school, Nusrat went outside around 2:00 pm to play with Dola, her classmate. But they went missing. After frantic search, the bodies were found under Mostafa's bed at about 9:45 pm. The accused fled away the scene immediately after committing the crime. However, police later detained them with the help of locals.
Frequent incidents of rape, gang rape and murder after rape have become common in the society nowadays. It seems, the rules of the law went to hibernation. What we saw in Noakhali is also an identical incident. The safety and security of general people have probably lost appeal to the authorities while they are allegedly busy in other activities. Widespread social protest against rape is unlikely but the life of the nation conceals inside the power of protest against the injustice.
It would be unwise to let the criminals rule over the innocents.  The government must take the issue of repression against women seriously and bring all the criminals to book. We want to stop repetition of such kind of incident in the future.

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