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Teach kids to connect with the real world

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Jayashree Kulkarni :
No one can really dispute the umpteen benefits of a smartphone. They have allowed us ease of communication, we can connect with the world anywhere and at any time. But like every coin has two sides, so does the use of smartphone. Its early use by children is leaving a consequential impact on young minds. Why are they increasingly being used as modern pacifiers?
The rising screen time for children is a matter of concern. Children are unable to disconnect. Fear of missing out, or FoMo, is common among many. Even a few minutes of separation from their digital devices is unbearable. Many children get agitated, lose their cool. It's not their fault, addiction of digital devices is hard to cope with in the first place. But parents can prevent smartphones from taking control over their child's life. It might be hard to educate young minds about the pitfalls of too much screen time, but with patience and reasoning you as a parent can help.
Moreover, set some ground rules. Children must not be allowed to use their phones before bedtime or in their bed rooms. We as parents have given them these devices, and now we must show them how to use them responsibly too.
(The writer is based in Abu Dhabi).

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