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Top interior decor trends of 2019

From quirky wallpapers to adding greenery in the living room and natural swimming pools, here are some of the top interior decor trends to expect the next year, according to Pinterest

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Weekend Plus Desk :
hile 2018 was all about neutral palettes, the prediction is, bright hues will find their way home this year. The past year also saw sage and ultra-violet colours gaining momentum along with designs like bold floral wallpapers. In contrast, 2019 is expected to be more about aesthetic appeal, greenery and natural swimming pools.
In case you want to spruce up your living space and are looking for ideas, here are some of the top interior decor trends to expect the next year, according to Pinterest.
Mustard yellow walls
Mustard yellow walls have become one of the hottest trends of 2018. The searches on the social media app have gone up by 45 per cent from last year.
According to the app, “Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are heating up - the more modern and sleek, the better.” It never gets old, does it?
Go aesthetic
Wrap up your walls in beautifully designed and colourful fabrics for an artistic and textured look. They add a zing to your living space and give a bright appearance to it.
Geometric walls
“If you’re angling for a wall refresh, try painting colorful geometric shapes,” says Pinterest. Searches for geometric painting have risen by 225 per cent in the past year.
Vintage tin accessories
Give your room some vintage style with backsplashes and wallpaper made of tin. You can decorate in the form of metallic tins or different designs. The searches have gone up by 563 per cent.
Cactus in the room
Fancy a cactus plant in the living room? These well-composed succulent plants will make their way to the homes, predicts Pinterest. You can also build a wall-garden with cactuses.
Vertical gardens
Speaking of building a walled garden, vertical gardens “are on the rise for people looking for some floor-to-ceiling green in their lives.”
Colourful floors
“Don’t tear up that tile: People are painting their parquet floors with bold colours and mosaic patterns.” A colourful adds a peppy touch to homes.
Bright wallpapers
Bold wallpaper like tropical leaves, quirky designs, bright prints will make for one of the hottest interior decor trends in 2019. Not only does it make for a huge statement but also breathes life into rooms big and small.
Natural swimming pool
The organic and green swimming pools are chemical-free and there won't be any chlorine eye-sting. Searches for these mini-ecosystems have increased by 262 per cent.
Which one would you like to try?

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