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Ensure safe transportation of export items

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SOME powerful syndicates are stealing different types of export items, edible oil and fuel oil from the goods-laden trucks, covered vans and oil tankers in open daylight on the busy highways. The exporters usually upload the goods on trucks from different factories in Dhaka and other parts of the country and they are destined for Chattogram Port through the Dhaka-Chattogram Highway. The exporting items usually remain well-packed and the covered vans remain locked and sealed. But when the covered vans or trucks reach Chattogram Port; many cartons are found vanished. It is going on for months; local dailies recently reported.
It is alleged that, the syndicate with the help of drivers steal the export items by cutting the cartons and again re-pack them. So, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to understand that something is stolen. When these cartons are exported to foreign countries, the exporters face an embarrassing situation. It's not only tarnishing the country's image, the exporters often have to pay penalty.
We know our export market especially the market of ready-made-garment is expanding day by day. Apart from it, several other products are also regularly exported to different countries. The government has taken various steps to diversify our exporting items. These incidents of theft may create an adverse impact on the overall export and would be very harmful for the country's economy too.  We don't want to lose our foreign market for such misdeeds.
On the other hand, some other gangs are reportedly busy to steal edible oil and fuel oil using long pipes on the highways. Particularly, these incidents take place at different points of Dhaka-Chattogram Highway at Mirsarai Upazila. For this reason, the genuine businessmen are suffering a huge loss. The stolen oil is openly sold at different roadside shops from Sitakunda to Chouddagram Upazila.   
There are widespread allegations that, the local police stations and members of Highway Police are well informed about the syndicates but they don't take any action due to underhand dealings between them. We like to draw the attention of higher authorities to take immediate steps against the syndicated theft. Police must ensure safe transport of the export goods and protect the interest of genuine businessmen.

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