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Brick kilns on farm land :
We have seen many newspaper reports on how brick kilns are being set up without following the proper procedures and plans and even without the permission of the authorities concerned. Though there is a special law called The Brick Manufacturing and Brick Kilns Establishment Act, 2013, very few brick kiln owners comply with the rules and regulations of that act.
A couple of years ago, when I went to my village, I was shocked to see brick kilns on agricultural lands. Some brick kilns were set up in the middle of the agricultural fields in order to force the owners of surrounding fields/areas to sell their land to the owners of the brick kilns. What I have come to know from the local farmers is that brick kiln owners are very influential people, and so nobody dares to make any complaints against them.
I would like to draw the attention of the government to take action against the illegal brick kiln owners. The detrimental impact of these kilns on our agricultural land and our environment is reason enough for a strict intervention from the authorities.

Arif Hossain
Dhaka University

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