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Novelist Mir Mosharraf Hossain

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Apu Barman :
Mir Mosharraf Hossain (1847-1912) was a Bengali novelist, playwright and essayist in 19th century Bengal. He is principally known for his famous novel Bishad Sindhu. He is considered as the first novelist to emerge from the Muslim society of Bengal.
Mir Mosharraf Hossain was born in the village of Lahinipara in Kumarkhali under Kushtia District. But most of the time of his life spent in Padamdi in Baliakandi PS under district Rajbari. His widely accepted date of birth is 13 November 1847. But some researchers also claim his date of birth is 26 October 1847. He was born in the aristocratic family to Mir Moazzem Hossain and Daulatunnesa.
Mosharraf Hossain learned Arabic and Persian with a teacher at home and then Bangla at a pathshala.
He began his formal education at Kushtia School and then studied up to Class V at Krishnanagar Collegiate School. He was admitted to Kalighat School in Kolkata but could not complete his studies.
Mosharraf Hossain began his career looking after his father’s landed property. Later he served the Faridpur Nawab Estate and in 1885, the Delduar Estate. He lived in Kolkata from 1903 to 1909.
In 1865, he married Aziz-un-Nesa. His second wife was Bibi Kulsum married in 1874. He died on 19 december 1912 in Padamdi.
While still a student, Mosharraf Hossain worked as a mofussil reporter for the Sangbad Prabhakar (1831) and Grambarta Prakashika (1863). His literary career started here.
Mir Mosarraf Hossain’s magnum opus is Bishad Shindhu, depicting the tale of Martyrdom of Husayn and his dedicated companions in Karbala.
He was one of the first Muslim writers to emerge from colonial British India. His other works include Jamidar Darpan (Reflections on Zamindars, a play on the plight of common people under the zamindars (landlords installed by the British colonial rulers) and their struggle against them.
His literary works were included in the curriculum of school level, secondary, higher secondary and graduation level in Bangladesh.
Novels: Ratnawati (1869), Bishad Shindhu (1885-1890).
Poetry: Gorai Bridge or Go-uri Setu (1873), Play: Jamidar Darpan (1873), Bosontokumari Natok (1873), Essay: Go-jibon, Autobiographical: Amar Jiboni (autobiography), Bibi Kulsum others, Gazi Mia’r Bostani, Bajimat, Bibi Khodejar Bibaho, Hazrart Umarer Dharmo Jibon Labh, Musolmaner Bangla Shikhya-1 and Musolmaner Bangla Shikhya-2.

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