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There is a difference between irresponsibility and mistake

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RAWSHAN ARA, aged about 60, had got admitted at Urology Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) with the infected left kidney. She had gone through an operation under the supervision of departmental head Dr Habibur Rahman Dulal on September 5. The doctors had assured her that, the infected kidney was removed. But the family members took her to a private hospital when her condition had started deteriorating. And after medical test, it was known that, both of her kidneys were removed by the BSMMU doctors.
Ultimately, the patient died. Meanwhile, the BSMMU authorities had formed a 7-member probe committee led by Kidney Foundation's Founding President and Kidney Disease Expert Professor Dr Harun-ar Rashid to investigate the matter. "The physicians have removed two kidneys of the patients mistakenly," he said after investigation.
On the other hand, to clarify the matter, BSMMU's Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Kanak Kanti Barua said, "A 7-member probe body, led by Professor Dr. Harun Ar Rashid, was formed to submit report within 7 working days. Besides, a 6-member Medical Board was formed for proper treatment of the patient…..Whatever it may be; the reality is that both kidneys of the patient were removed."
We know to err is human. And we want to believe that it's an isolated incident. The removal of both kidneys may be done by a "mistake". This sort of "mistake" also occurs sometimes in developed countries.  But this "mistake" of the physicians has cost a life. It is unbelievable, how such a "mistake" could occur in the country's top medical institution where doctors enjoy latest technological inventions and modern equipment of medical science.
There is no argument that, some of our country's physicians are world-ranking. Several critical cases have also been solved successfully in our medical colleges in the recent time. Despite different obstacles, the present government is trying to provide healthcare services to all people across the country. So, this kind of "mistake" we believe, if committed due to irresponsibility, would taint the image of the health sector. It's the duty of the physicians to restore the confidence reposed on them by the people.

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