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Today's student politics lacks morality  

Gone are the days when student politics was admirable - when the prevailing atmosphere in all educational institutions were praiseworthy. Back in those days, Student's League and Students Union were the only two wings that made up the political community in universities. They were not beholden to any political party. And would raise their slogans based on how different issues affected the nation, as students were conscious and concerned about the wellbeing of their fellow citizens. Nowadays, ideologies of each and every political party dominates political discussions in almost every university campus. And most discussions are really just about defaming rival groups and talking up their own party through whatever claims necessary - whether they be true or false.
Protests often lead to gunshots being fired, crackers or hand made bombs being exploded, etc. often injuring other students. This is followed up by university authorities being forced to close down their institutions which hamper regular educational activities.
Student politics has become demoralising; and this kind of politicisation is forcing students to increasingly get involved in criminal activities which is leading to their human values to deteriorate.
Mahmudul Hasan
Student (By email)

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