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Ezzyr launches Ambulance Service

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Ride-hailing service Ezzyr has launched one of the most necessary emergency services on 23 October, 2018. The emergency ambulance service inauguration ceremony was held at Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh with the presence of Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, MP, Home Minister, Bangladesh.
Ezzyr is an international standard app brought by INNOVADEUS Pvt. Ltd which was test-launched back in August, 2017. Not only does the app provide typical ride-sharing services, it also allows users to have a vehicle waiting on one's doorstep for a long distance journey using its pre-reservation services. From now on, 24-hour ambulance service will be available in Ezzyr App.
On the inauguration ceremony, President of Dhaka Metropolitan Ambulance Owner Co-operative Society Limited Alamgir Hossain, Information Technology Expert Personnel and officials of Ezzyr Technologies Limited were present including representatives of ambulance owners across the country.
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, "This is the evidence that Bangladesh has been digitalized. I hope the services offered through Ezzyr will be successful. It is my belief that everyone will be benefited from service like this one. Ezzyr Technologies deserves plaudits for such innovative job."
Alamgir Hossain, president of Dhaka Metropolitan Ambulance Owners' Co-operative Society Limited, said, "This initiative has been taken to provide neoteric services. Private ambulances carry average of 300 to 400 dead bodies per day. No government ambulance carries the dead body. 10 to 12 thousand ambulances travel across the country. Nearly 4,000 private ambulances move in Dhaka."
Ezzyr Technologies Managing Director Mehedi Hasan said, "Ezzyr Technologies Limited has just completed the ambulance driver registration and training. From now on, officially passengers will be able to take emergency ambulance services across the country from the Ezzyr app through their handset." On the occassion, Benefits and appraisements of app related emergency ambulance service were discussed. Ezzyr App is now available in the Android set but soon it will be available in iOS."

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