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Journalist, writer Muhammad Reazuddin Ahmad

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Khondkar Sirajul Haque :
Muhammad Reazuddin Ahmad (1861-1933) was a journalist, writer. He was born at Kaunia on the outskirts of Barisal town. Reazuddin lost his father at the age of 8 and was brought up in AK Fazlul Huq’s paternal home. He studied at Barisal Banga Vidyalay and Bajapti Circle School. Apart from Bangla, he also knew Arabic and Persian. He taught at a primary school in Rupsa, where he added a library. It was here that he read different weekly and daily papers such as Education Gazette, Hughli Dainik, Bangabasi, Sanjibani, Dhaka Prakash, and developed an interest in journalism. Reazuddin worked as postmaster at the local post office for some time and also ran a stationery shop at Rupsa Bazar.
In 1883, Muhammad Reazuddin Ahmad went to Kolkata and joined Mussalman as Editor. He then moved to Dhaka where he joined Shrimanta Saodagar as Assistant Editor.
In the 1880s, some Muslims belonging to 24-Parganas, Jessore, Khulna and Dhaka were converted to christianity and Brahmoism. To prevent further conversions, Reazuddin, along with Sheikh Abdur Rahim, Reazuddin Ahmad Mashadi and Mearajuddin Ahmad, whom he had got to know in Kolkata, published Islomtottva (1888 and 1889), detailing the principles of Islam. At this time he also published the monthly Islam Procharok. He later edited three other journal: Soltan, Nabajug and Rayatbandhu.
Reazuddin’s writings are inspired by Islamic ideals and the desire to elevate the conditions of Bangali Muslims. Some of his well-known books are Bodhodaytottvo (1879), Podyoprosun (1880), Tohfatul Moslemin (1885), Brhat Mohammadia Ponjika (1895), Upadesh Rotnaboli (1896), Jonge Russ O Unan (1897). Greece-Turoshko Yuddho (2 vol, 1899 and 1908), Bilati Mussalman (1900), Botale Ma Sureshvori (1900), Jobeda Khatuner Roznamcha (1907), Haq Nasihat (1927) and Pak-Panjatan (1929).

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