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Beauty treatment may turn wrong

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Fish spas have become a trend in the last decade. As the idea of getting your dead skin eaten away by fish sounds fascinating, it is also capable of spreading diseases. A woman had to amputate all the toes off her right foot after getting a fish spa pedicure that went wrong while on vacation in Thailand.
Victoria Curthoys from Perth, Australia, caught a bone infection in her toes after being cut by glass in 2006 which led to half of her toe being removed to prevent infection by the doctors.
'Beauty treatment has gone wrong as a woman had to amputate all the toes off her right foot after getting a fish spa pedicure.'
In 2010, she traveled to Thailand for a holiday where she decided to try the popular fish spa. The fish tank she put her feet in was contaminated with a waterborne disease that infected her initial surgery wounds from four years ago.
When Curthoys returned home after her vacation, fever and other illness took over. Doctors finally diagnosed her with osteomyelitis, a rare and serious condition involving infection of the bone after a year of tests.
But the infection spread to all her toes rapidly, and she had no choice but to remove all her toes on her right foot. Curthoys's story is the newest in a long line of injuries caused by fish spas.
Source: Medindia

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