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Bureaucracy arranged polls is not pol leadership: Barrister Mainul

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Staff Reporter :
Barrister Mainul Hosein appeared at the gathering of the unity process Saturday as non-party personality for expressing solidarity for the success of the unity move for free and fair election without which no democracy can exist.
Drawing attention of Awami League Barrister Mainul said emphatically that the election arranged by bureaucracy is not political leadership. The political leadership is established through people's vote. By depending on voteless election Awami League has lost political leadership.
He described it as a national disgrace that a Chief Justice of our country was humiliated dishonourably and placed under intimidation to force him to leave the country in the hope of keeping the judiciary subservient to the government. Nowhere any civilised government dared to show such audacity.
The unelected government is relying on the support of the unconscionably greedy ones as its source of power. They want to keep the present government in power so that by using the state power they can among themselves distribute the state benefits. The people were waiting for the united leadership. The oppressed people see hope and find courage in the unity move of the united leadership.
The next general election will have to be under parliamentary system after dissolving the parliament .If the demand for free election as raised by the unity leadership is met only then there will be an atmosphere for peace and tolerance for free election. Otherwise, there is the government's bureaucratic blueprint to keep the ballot papers locked up in ballot boxes and the government will declare its own voteless election victory.
He further said the plan of the government is that the people's vote will not count and the people's police will not work for the people. There will not be people's independent justice system. Still they claim to represent the spirit of the liberation war.
Barrister Mainul expressed his sincere hope that through this untied leadership everybody will enjoy the protection of good governance under the democratic Constitution and the rule of law. The party politics will be reformed. Nobody will feel unsafe for seeking shelter elsewhere. No threat of killing few lakhs of people will arise. We shall all live together and in peace. But election has to be free and fair.

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