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Songs on Muharram and Ashura

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Kazi Nazrul Islam :
1. Muharram moon comes back
( Muharramer chand elo oiy kandate fer duniay)
Behold !The blood stained Muharram Moon reappears
Making the life of Muslims in wringing wails and tears
The blood beams of moon spreading deep and dark
Filling the earth and sky with torrential electric spark
As the  frenzied sounds of Wa Hussaina  fills the earth
All the Muslims respond fearlessly as they take a rebirth.
Karbala wails with Zainal dying crazy for wa Hussain
Fatima the mother weeps  with Father Ali  in Heaven
Still today we recollect   the world wails with tears
Muslims are Ready Fighting the devils without fears
Sakhina in wedding gown moans with grief as Kashem falls down dead
God cannot withstand it as arrow hits the baby Asgar's breast.
Muslims of today though sings a melancholic and  mournful song
Tears that rolled down the cheeks bring in courage and made them strong.
II. Muharram : A dirge
( Elo shoker shei Muharram)
Muharram has come to us with mournful numbers
Muslims of the world silently bear the brunt and no more in slumbers
Hussain takes  Asgar his child in his lap as he meets the martyrdom
Muslims recollect this and take a vow to free the earth from devils' kingdom
Sakhina was in wedding gown when Kashem was found  dead
Muslims killed by Muslims selfishly for power and bread
Man tolerated but the mountain could not as Zainal died crying
The Devils won the battle and the Truth went down fighting
Hazrath Hussain faced death as a Martyr
Duldul his horse not seeing him collapsed as it could not bear.
The heaven thus mourns all these death
So long as the earth exists and man takes the breath.
Translator: Professor Anwarul Karim

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