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Eid-ul-Azha : Teaching and its significance

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Dr. Foqan Uddin Ahmed :
In this universe there are 18000 species of God's creation. Among them, men are the best, dearest and nearest to God. Men have their unique and extraordinary position among all the creations. They are considered rational beings. The identity of mankind is judged by humanity dignity, justice, sense of love, respect, emotions, feelings and sacrifice. Earth is the only place where men live. The whole earth is controlled by mankind. In this earth, there are many people of different nations, races, tribes, religions and castes.
In every religion the principle of sacrifice is narrated and depicted in such a way that will clarify and purify peoples' soul. So, for the sake of religion, every person in this world tries to help and sacrifice for others. Because to help and sacrifice are the noble virtues.
Among all virtues, sacrifice is what brings contemplation of one's soul. There are different types of sacrifice, such as sacrifice of life, sacrifice of money, sacrifice of properties and so on. A man who sacrifices his life for a country is known as a patriot. Again one who shares or gives away things that belong to him may be treated as a benevolent and kind hearted person.
The Eid-ul-Azha is one of the two  largest festivals of the Muslim community. It is celebrated all over the world with the spirit of sacrifice.
What is that sacrifice ? That is to submit to the Almighty Allah for Supreme sacrifice of life even, at the call of Truh and justice as commanded by Allah. This sacrifice has its source in the Prophetic history of Ibrahim (As) and his son Ismail (As). We know that Ibrahim (As) was  ready to sacrifice his son as desired by Allah. The test was Supreme and the father and the son was successful in their submission to the wishes of Allah.
Generally sacrifice means to give away one's valuable things for others but the real sacrifice means to surrender one's own interest. A man who is helpless and who has the capacity to control himself and finally who can refrain himself from lust, only enjoys the happiness of true sacrifice.
By true sacrifice an individual is honored in society. Religion is also flourished by sacrifice. In this world there is no end of greed and wants. The more the greed, the more the craving for more. Greed leads humans to ruin. Society gets polluted and plunge into anarchy. By sacrifice, human beings attain other qualities like tolerance in society. Sacrifice and tolerance both coexist. Without one, the other cannot flourish. Eid-ul-Azha is the big day where all Muslims have the lesson of sacrifice and tolerance. All Muslims need to be prepared for the sacrifice of Eid-ul-Azha.
Eid means joy and delight. Azha means sacrifice. So the meaning of Eid-ul-Azha stands the rejoys of sacrifice. The other meaning is coming back by every year which is held on the 10th of Jilhaz. Eid-ul-Azha is a name of worship.
The word Qurbani originates from the word Qurb which means affiliation, proximity or coming in touch of Almighty God. It is the oldest custom in human civilization.
The first man and woman in the world Prophet Adam and mother Hawa started the culture of Qurbani with the incidents of their two sons Habil and Kabil. A woman name Aklima came to their life. For her, the rivalry arose high in them. By the order of father Adam both the brothers arranged for slaughtering.
God accepted Habil's and Kabil's was rejected. The greatest sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim was accepted to Almighty and animal slaughter is duly introduced instead of his beloved son.
Qurbani is nothing but a way of test and trial to purify of one's mindset whether we have a clean mind free from brutality, jealousy and cruelty. Neither a big size animal nor its flesh reach to Almighty but God fearing is the main factor. Today in the name of "Qurbani" many have a tendency to exhibit big animals in face book as if there is a race of competition of animals. People also try to show their aristocracy in the society. Profit and loss of animal and social status by animals exhibition is completely forbidden.
This never serves the purpose of Qurbani and the objective will never be ful-filled to Almighty God.
Our only aim will be to satisfy God through slaughter. In the festival the animal skin must be sold with a logical price and meat requires to be distributed among the have not's. But syndicated action by a group of people spoils the holy purpose. So, meat must be distributed to the poor and joy and delights are required to be shared for festival sake. Besides, sorrows and suffering must be shared with the poor.
It is a great example of teaching by sacrifice. Again, it is tested case of humanity, loyalty and obedience to God in our life. Almighty has dictated us to follow the ideas of  sacrifice. Because by sacrifice only we can come closer to our Creator.
Through sacrifice one can remove the cruelty, selfishness and narrowness of mind. One can broaden one's life expectancy by sacrifice. Islam never allows a men to epicurism. To ensure social welfare is the essence of sacrifice. It leads us to the teaching of humanity and flourish our national culture. Solidarity, brotherhood, discipline and social values are established through it. Slaughter is mere symbolic. The reality is coming to God's proximity. If our mind is clear only then it will be granted to Almighty. Through it, we get a world of love and peace.
The whole universe comes under the umbrella of unity. It speaks of fraternity, brotherhood, tolerance and forgiveness. It removes terrorism, corruptions, war, anger, hunger and luxury. There lies a social and economic obligation of human being. It removes the high and low differences of mankind. Through slaughter, purity is attained. Humanity and justice is restored. We get a discrimination-free society. Rich and poor all have the rights to enjoy and taking the taste of rich food.
It should not be confined only to ceremony. It must appear before us with the noble teaching of humanity. We need to have teaching of Eid-ul-Azha so that we maintain harmony among human beings. If we follow the ideal and message of it we would be able to live in peace with the ideology of truth and beauty.
In Eid congregation all people forgetting and  forgiving their past ill activities, submit their humble prayer before God for peace and unity. As a result we see a very heavenly atmosphere in Eid congregation and it becomes a big meeting place with each other.
Let us take and treat this festival as a media of our sense and social bondage. In this Eid our sole demand would be to go the deep essence of Eid-ul-Azha. So we always become the worshiper of the truth and beauty. Let us promise that we spread the teaching of humanity to all mankind for God's mercy.

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