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Bring back old movies :
There were about 1,500 cinema halls in the country in the mid eighties. The number has come down below 300 on account of various reasons like adverse environment at cinema halls, poor stories and hollow dialogue, weakness in direction and failure to use martial art.
In this column, I like say that the FDC may take initiative to reprint movies like Mukh O Mukhosh, Tomar Aamar, A Desh Tomar Aamar, Matir Pahar, Akash O Mati, Aito Jiboan, Je Nadi Marupathe, Nadi O Nari, Kakhano Asenie, Kancher Dewal, Jago Hua Sabera, Surya Snan, Dharapat, Asiya, Nawab Siraj Uddowlah, Abirbhav, Jiban Theke Neya, Sootarang, Ora Egarojan, Abar Tora Manush Ho, Golapi Ekhon Traine, Ek Khando Jami and Surya Dighal Bari, for showing in the cinema halls.
Besides, the corporation may contact the Indian High Commission for permission to screen  popular Indian Bengali movies like Sagorika, Sobar Uparay, Shaharer Etikotha, Prithibi Aamare Chay, Dwip Jele Jai, Aakaler Sandhane, Ekdin Protidin, Pother Panchali and Uttam-Suchiyta acted all other movies.
If it is done, audiences may return to the cinema halls.

Abdul Matin Khan
Bashabo, Dhaka

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