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Discipline in the road

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Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed :
The part of life of a man which is spent in an educational institution as a student is called student life. It is the best sowing season of life. During the time every student makes the foundation of his future life. To gather knowledge is the chief duty of a student. He has to go to the institution regularly. He should be punctual. To learn lessons regularly is the main duty of a student. In the student life, there is an opportunity to take part in many extra curricular activities. Every educational institution, arranges function with the items of debate, recitation, songs, dance every year. Students can take part in different social activities from time to time specially at the time of vacation. Students can advise people about the importance of sanitation, family planning, afforestation, environmental pollution etc.
Students are the future leaders and makers of nation. Study is the main pursuit of student, to be sure but they should devote themselves in performing duties and responsibilities to be imposed on them just after their return from educational institutions. In order to do something great selflessly for the society in later life the students while studying should render some social services. It will develop their dormant qualities. Overall students must cultivate all the good qualities of a man in order to build a happy and prosperous life.
In Bangladesh, there are series of accidents and incidents. Accidents occur very frequently and many valuable lives are lost. Recently two young students have become a victim of road accidents. And they have faced a fatal death. Immediately after this unhappy occurrence student started for moment. And they have marched to the streets. This movement we may call a students demonstration for improvement of discipline and road safety. This student movement was interpreted from many men in many ways. Many people tried  to make it controversial. Somebody called it a step to topple down the government. Somebody tries to term  it as a matter of dissatisfaction against  road trafficking mismanagement. Somebody tries to involve it with politics. But as a matter of fact, this movement spoke for the comfort of general people. This movement should in no way be undermined or under-estimated. Rather where nation was unprudently sinking towards darkness, the student community played a good role for its safety from disasters. It is undoubtedly a historic events.
Actually this movement never advocates government nor the opponents. This is a demand from common people, so it is assumed that this movement is very much with the interest of the People's sentiment. It is needless to say that the teenaged students with their fair movements have created an example before state. This example is meant for discipline & also meant for awareness development. It is also an example to foster  a sleeping nation by discipline and awareness development. During the time of movement the students played the role of traffic police. The way they have served has faded the glory of services of different departments. In this regards, the BRTC authority has become serious for renewal of license and fitness. Now people are consciously driving and even the road passers-by are also carefully crossing and passing roads which has been turn to a matter of failure by many agencies.
With this end in view, the proposed road safety act has been approved by the cabinet. An exemplary movement has added with the movements like language and independence to maintain discipline and prevent unwanted road accident, No democratic movement, cruelty or torture by the fascist can be accepted. But this movement should be conducted in the correct manner. Bangobondhu the father of nation, is the example of all successful movements. Wherever there are unruly situation, anarchy and injustice Bangobondhu protested and faced valiantly. When Bangobondhu was a student of Kolkata Islamia College, he stood before Jawaharlal Nehru and spoke for the mismanagement of the hostel. Besides before and after partition, Bangobondhu also protested against tyranny, despotism, pressure and facing torture and troubles, he came out successful. In the line of that consequences, we must say that there are many heroic and glorious stories of our students from 1947 to 1971. We are proud of our nation's those glorious stories. The student politics was at that time ideal but today it is not maintaining that standard.
Today students are used by politicians and they are made the weapons and tools for serve their interest. Today  the spirit of the liberation war is going to be demolished by the dirty activities of the students. Especially after 1975 there was military coup one after another. Country was governed by military people and dictators. There are also other reasons for which the student community have lost their earned reputation and their image has been made controversial. If we say more, a black chapter has been made in students politics by erosion, cheating and exploitation. As a result the students community are not united, they are disorganized now. They fail to organize their election manifesto and student cabinet is not coming out. It is the problem coming from our society who are sitting in top management.
The environment is not in favour. It is noted that, during the time of these student movement a group of conspirators tried to make an issue and leading the country to unrest. They are be up and doing in the line of conspiracy to disturb the normal machineries of the country. This was indeed a great game by them. But with the issues by the recent movement students have restored their lost reputation. It is assumed that the lost image has been regained. They have pointed out that the law enforcing agencies and other persons in authority are violating the norms.
They were on road without licence. Our students took a challenge against them and put them to trap of shyness and insult. With this general people are happy, they have welcomed the students drive. Being  inspired by the guardians the young students have fallen to streets by groups and taken the responsibility of traffic duties and checking licences and fitness of transport. In the midst of these good activities a group of people tried to instigate, oppose and harass them. This dirty and nasty mentalities should not be favoured. Our honorable prime minister has agreed with the demand. So we must be careful that our teenaged future student should not collapse.
All things should run with honesty, sincerity, dedication and all the bad elements must be combated with tolerance. Student should go back to their class, they are to be attentive to their studies. If they are not properly educated,  how the dream of our digital Bangladesh will be fulfilled. In future the countries leadership will be in crisis. From this movement we must realize that we shall have to go forward with correct leadership.
We must pay attention to build a prosperous Bangladesh through discipline and awareness development. Time has come to monitor all things very strictly. The road safety act must be consistent, accomodative and duly implemented immediately after its house of parliament order. Only then the country people will be benefited. Otherwise the students will go for movement once again.

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