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Set free our children: A failed govt is its own conspiracy against itself

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Our appeal to the government is to show sanity and withdraw politically motivated false cases against the students. As they are innocent and young they must be set free immediately.
Things would have been better if the court, being aware of the frivolity of the two criminal cases against our children, would have granted bail at the first instance. Our innocent children deserve special protection from their elders.
In a situation of confrontational attack by police the allegation of vandalism against police cannot be straight forward. The general public view is: The students are being politically victimised by an unsure government. The police is being politically used.
Release of the students should be considered politically helpful to diffuse the tension.
It is confusing to know who did what in building up the present crisis.
The government praised the role of the children who came out in streets angry and in sympathy of the murder of two of their fellow students by crushing them under the wheels of a bus resulted from callous competition between the two buses. The government also promised to work for correcting the wrongs in the road transport system as suggested by the students.
The children in the streets of Dhaka and elsewhere were seen checking driving licence and other necessary papers to show everybody how the vehicles moved without legal papers. By going about their work peacefully the students of schools and colleges set      
an inspiring example. Their example gave the general public great hopes about our future generation.
The question is, in spite of the praiseworthy and peaceful example set by our young children why the situation was turned into violent incidents unprovoked and visibly under police protection? The people saw men armed with sharp weapons and heavy sticks came out and brutally punished our children as if they have no guardians to save them. The children are ours and we all have to show that they are not guardian less.
The history of peaceful protest the children have created is not to be effaced.  They will be remembered with love and gratitude. It will stand out as a treacherous failure of the elders for their mean-minded selfishness and lack of patriotism. The police will be remembered with great shock and surprise how a state power can be cruel on their own people.  
 The general public and the press people were shocked and surprised at the prevailing madness. The journalists were also not spared. Some of them had to be hospitalised. The university students who tried to protest alongside the children also became victims of violent attacks.
Next began selective police arrest of the university students and filing criminal cases against them. Twenty two students have been sent to jail refusing bail at the instance of the prosecution. We helplessly watched their parents sadly waving at the boys being taken away in a closed police van.
There was complete lack of human consideration for the young students. We are living in a heartless situation and everybody is helpless in fear of the government. There is no assurance that the government is our government. The people see only police and police activities.
None of those whose pictures were shown in the media actively participating in bashing the students has not been arrested. The journalists are also aggrieved that the real offenders who injured the journalists are not among those arrested.
All such thoughtless activities of the government confirm nervousness of the government about their position in power. Any street gathering is seen as a potential threat to the government. They see conspiracy everywhere to oust them from the government.
Those in power cannot accept that change of government is normal and inevitable. To continue in power permanently without free election has to be the full time work of conspiracy for the men in power. The government has no time to concentrate on running the public affairs.
The buses and trucks are being driven as callously as before and killing persons without showing any awareness of the government.
A failed government is its own conspiracy against itself. There is no need for others to conspire. 

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