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Potential of jute polymer :
The world is now more determined than ever before to protect the environment from polythene and plastic pollution. To overcome this challenge, biodegradable products can help by replacing plastic materials. Such a product is jute polymer, invented from jute fibre extracts by Bangladeshi scientist Mubarak Ahmad Khan in 2015.
Undoubtedly, it is a great invention for us. Polythene bag was banned in the country in 2002 but the ban fell through because of the absence of a better alternative. Jute polymer, if properly introduced, can be a game-changer. Bangladesh can reap rich rewards by giving the public a cheap and environment-friendly alternative to polythene, thereby getting rid of plastic garbage, and also fetch a sizeable profit by marketing polymer outside the country. The authorities should explore these opportunities.

Md Mehefuzul Islam
BAU, Mymensingh

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