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Please act rationally

The students were demonstrating for a 'safe road', not for the 'fall of the government'. We are bewildered by the reaction of those who are in power, why they have panicked and acted so ruthlessly with the protesters!
February 21 has been declared as Mother Language Day and is being observed all over the world, it has become possible because students did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to achieve their goal.
In the liberation war also students played a very important role, without their help it would not have been possible to free the country.
Many heroic and meritorious students sacrificed their billable life in the liberation war, university students, college students, all students came forward and joined the war.
But now police and Chatra league are pouncing upon the students who are protesting about road accidents. What is behind this abnormal behaviour,is the government feeling insecure because of the election of 2014?The government was formed in a very unusual way which people did not accept. May be the weakness have made them ruthless and uneasy.

Nur Jahan

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