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Enlivening the tourism sector

Bangladesh is called the darling child of nature for her natural beauty. Many tourist are attracted by the natural beauty of our county from age to age.  The natural beauty along with our enriched history and variety of culture attracts the tourist from all over the world. We have world largest sea beach and Mangrove forest, daughter of sea Kuakata, charming tea garden and many other tourist sights. So the potential of our tourism sector is high.
But there is a lot of scarcity in our tourism sector. The main hindrance of our tourism sector is our communication system, which is troublesome and costly. Lack of safety and snatching discourage the foreign tourist to visit our spectacular places. In the budget of FY 2009-10, allocation for this sector was 813 crore, but in 2016-17, the allocation was only 100 crore and it is declining every year.
That's why though many countries go ahead with their tourism sector; we are declining day by day. My request to the govt is to take initiatives for the development of this sector.
Amdadul H Sarker,
Comilla University

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